Theme Authors Consider Cooperative Efforts

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A recent thread in the Community section of the forums shows a growing trend among the website’s theme authors: the desire to consolidate. Cooperative efforts have long been a cornerstone of any business, but that concept has been turbocharged by today’s global environment and instant feedback tools available via the Internet.

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The thread in question, entitled How You Work Together, begins with an open announcement from two ThemeForest account holders (badjohnny and Underground Movie) who state they would like to begin working together. In this specific case, the former member has a substantial amount of ThemeForest “cred” to his name (such as 803 total sales, 32 followers, 5 Star Rating, and Silver Paw for achieving over $10,000 in sales). The latter account has no such accolades although he has been a forum member for more than two years.

Necessities For Theme Author Consolidation

When two or more theme authors who manage information on a marketplace website decide to team up, there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account beforehand. For one, the issue of trust is paramount. This is due to the fact that all future items may be marketed exclusively on one account due to its seniority. The reason for this is simple, yet could result in additional accounting work since all transactions would be designated toward only one of the partners.

Veteran forum member mafloral posted over the weekend that he “would use badjohnny’s account since he is already got the silver paw. What ever themes you guys come up with will be 50/50 or what ever you agree on. Then you would split the income of those templates that you do. Now the thing is that you have to have some trust because badjohnny has everything on his account. So this is what i would do i would keep track of the sales of the templates you guys come up with then when badjhonny pulls out the money he would send you 50% of it, i mean you can do this through paypal.”

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He added that a shared account could also be an option, but noted that some of the funds would be reduced if that choice were made.

The issue stems mainly from how to successfully transfer funds without incurring increased PayPal costs. Several forum members chimed-in and replied that account holders should have a way to transfer funds between ThemeForest accounts privately; especially since so many authors have joint interests. A few marketplace websites that compete with ThemeForest already offer this feature, but Envato (’s parent company) has yet to act on this author request.

More Feedback

Elite ThemeForest author pixelentity (who has more than 12,300 total sales) explained how he and his partners are able to work out a cooperative business relationship. “We don’t trust paypal at all and, since Envato has no feature to split the income, we use payoneer to share our earnings because it has free card-to-card transfer up to 5k usd per month. This allows us to avoid any % based fee but one of us must get whole amount first, that was my answer to your original question and why the trust matter was pulled in the discussion,” he posted.

Fellow elite author and Golden Paw recipient 50andJACK outlined how their cooperative relationship works by saying that the two “have to go in and withdraw twice at the end of every month, and because Australia is 18 hours ahead of me I missed the withdrawal cutoff twice last year. And our partner for a WordPress theme just missed it for February. We desperately need a solution for this. Seems the easiest would be to add the ability to automatically withdraw a percentage of your total at the end of the month. Then we can all have the luxury of making multiple withdrawals ahead of time.”

Until further functionality is added for theme authors who share projects, the most viable option will remain. One person will need to receive revenue and faithfully transfer it to other parties.