The New Code Poet

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In May, Automattic (WordPress’s parent company) relaunched its Code Poet service. Started as a directory of consultants who specialize in building knock-your-socks-off WordPress sites, the rebuilt Code Poet is now a conglomerate of resources for anyone “making things” with WordPress with all the resources written, published or recommended by Automatticians.

In an inteview with, Pete Davies, Premium Services Lead at Automattic explained that the site was founded to provide a venue for WordPress-based businesses to share their experiences and advice. “There’s no one good place to go for help with all that right now… that’s what we hope Code Poet will become,” he added.

The site’s aim is to “learn, teach, inspire, and motivate,” and to become the “go-to source of information and resources to help expand your WordPress skills and know-how.” There are three main categories of information provided to help you do just that:

Resources: Organized by topic (business, theme dev, and design) this portion of the site contains “articles hand-picked with love” to help you learn how to use WordPress to make your site the best it can be. For example, gets the top news and articles to your inbox – no fluff, just the important stuff. There’s tips on being “relentlessly resourceful” a post on free-to-use contracts, tips on elements of communication, etc.

Interviews: Here you can get top-notch advice from those using WordPress in unique ways.

Books: There are presently only two book resources listed, but they are useful: Getting Pricing Right and how to use the concept of RWD or Responsive Web Design to make an attractive and compelling site. Each topic can be downloaded via Kindle, PDF or EPUB.

Adding to the fun is a WordPress quiz. Here you can find out how much you really know about WordPress and add your name to “the 780-800 point club” wall, reserved for know-it-alls who apparently. . um. . do know all there is to know about WordPress.

What about the original directory? It still exists, but it’s pushed all the way to the bottom of the new site. (You can find it here.) In an article announcing the rebuilt site, speculated that there may be plans to rebuild it, citing the fact that no new companies were being actively added, but everyone was open to submit on their own which will be included when the directory is reopened. Based on that, it does appear that the directory will be integrated as a resource within the new site.

The potential for this site seems enormous, but there doesn’t appear to be a lot of buzz about it so far. Tell us what you think. Have you seen the new site? Do you find it useful? Leave us your comments below.