The Complete Idiot’s Guide To WordPress

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Susan Gunelius, who use to blog for my old website Blogging Tips, has released a host of useful books over the last few years including ‘Google Blogger For Dummies’ and ’30 Minute Social Media Marketing’. Her latest book is ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide To WordPress‘.

At around 450 pages long, it is certainly one of the longest WordPress books available today, with the content being split into 6 parts and 24 chapters in total. Compared to a book like ‘Digging Into WordPress‘, ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide To WordPress’ is certainly aimed at beginners with only the second half of the book covering the self hosted version of WordPress. It is however a fantastic introduction to blogging and the world of WordPress.

The first two parts of the book cover the basics of blogging and includes a full chapter looking at the main differences between the hosted blogging service and the self hosted script from Part 3 of the book is all about This section takes up more than a third of the book. As blogs on are powered by the self hosted version of the script (albeit with less permissions etc), most of this section will be useful to everyone who is using WordPress.

The second half of the book focuses on using the self hosted version of WordPress. Beginner topics such as registering a domain name, popular web hosts and understanding FTP is included. It then walks you though how to set WordPress up correctly and goes on to explain how themes and plugins work in depth. Some good plugins are also recommended in the last chapter.

The final two parts of the book would not be out of place in a book about blogging. They focus on search engine optimisation, networking and building a community, making money with your blog, advertising and affiliate programs. Susan walks you through all of these topics from the perspective of a WordPress blogger and shows you how you can use WordPress to implement all of the topics she speaks about.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To WordPress is not suited to those of you who have been using WordPress for a while however it is perfect for anyone who is new to blogging and has never heard of WordPress before. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a crash course on WordPress is and what it can do :)