The Blog is Back

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog here on WPHub. Don’t think we’ve been out partying or anything like that. Instead, we’ve been busy building what we consider to be the primary hub for all things WordPress. Going forward, our goal is to write a blog updating you on the most recent news and developments at WPHub every two weeks. That way, we can keep you informed about the latest themes, top plug-ins, new services, interesting tutorials, and hottest news related to WordPress.

Ideally, WPHub will be your source for anything and everything related to WordPress. Our name really says it all.

We’ll start off this blog by pointing out that we’re about to hit 600 themes. We’re almost there, and this is definitely one milestone that has us smiling ear to ear. We work with some of the top WordPress developers around and, as we point out on our themes page, “All our premium WordPress templates have rock solid code and support. With hundreds of themes to choose from, WPHub is the largest and most respected WordPress themes gallery on the internet.”

One of our latest WordPress themes to be added is called Thesis, whose appeal comes from its flexibility. But, you would have never known that had you not visited WPHub and checked out our ever-growing “Themes” section, which you can access by clicking on that easy-to-remember six-letter word in the upper right of the site.

Other recent themes we’ve reviewed on WPHub in our march to 600 include “SimplePress,” “KingSize,” “TheStyle,” and “13Floor.” The price for each theme varies, so take a look at your budget and pick the one that best matches your wallet, desired appearance, and preferred features.

We’re adding about one new WordPress theme per day to our site right now, so you’ll always notice something new. Our goal is to be at about 750 WordPress themes reviewed by the end of 2012.

The themes aren’t the only section of WPHub you should be checking out. We’ve also been posting tutorials in a brand new section of the website. These aren’t just some instructions we slapped together in an hour and put up, either. Instead, they’re fully illustrated and will walk you through a variety of tasks you might have never thought you were capable of doing.

Our two most recent tutorials, posted on May 4th and May 11th, are “Customizing WordPress Posts by Editing the WordPress Loop” and “Formatting Tricks that Make Your WordPress Site Unique.” You’ll notice a teaser that appears on the main “Tutorials” landing page for each one to whet your whistle before you start investing time going through our tutorial. Each one is completely free, so you can hone your WordPress skills and not pay a dime for it.

Also new to WPHub is a “Services” section. We can actually help you with your own website and take care of tasks like WordPress installation and configuration, installation of any theme and plug-in you’d like, SEO, e-commerce, CMS, and affordable support for any issue you need solved.

You’ll pay between $99 and $399 for our services if you choose one of our standard plans. Our options include installing a theme for you (“Silver”), installation and basic configuration (“Platinum”), and a more involved choice for those who want WPHub to take care of it all (“Gold”). Check out our “Services” section to see what each of the three metallic-themed options include and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have; we can even create a custom quote.

By the way, our staff has a considerable amount of experience designing and maintaining WordPress-based sites and we’re happy to impart as much of that knowledge as possible. Other sites we’ve created include,, and if you want to give our work a once-over.

Finally, we welcome any feedback you have as we update our blog regularly. Contact us with any ideas to make WPHub your destination for all things WordPress.