One-on-One with Templatic Community Manager Vedran Fak: Part 4

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This is it, the fourth and final article in our interview series with Templatic Community Manager Vedran Fak. We have gotten a first-hand look at how the WordPress theme shop has managed to differentiate itself and, last week, we learned that it typically takes Templatic three months to see a theme go from the drawing board to ready to be downloaded.

For our last installment, we’ll talk numbers – pricing, namely. If this interview series has piqued your interest about buying a Templatic theme, you’ll probably want to know how much one costs as well as the logic behind the price you’re paying.

Before we jump into the interview, it’s probably worthwhile to discuss the pricing options themselves so you can understand the lingo. The site has several options available. You can buy a Standard version of a WordPress theme to use on one domain, a Developer license to use on multiple domains, or receive access to all of the site’s themes as a Premium Themes Club member. The Standard and Developer licenses for individual themes include one year of updates and a detailed installation guide to get you started.

WPHub: Talk about your pricing philosophy at Templatic.

vedran fakVedran Fak: There are two single-theme license packages (Standard and Developer). Developer allows you to install the theme on as many sites as you want. The prices for the packages range from $65 to $99; they most likely depend on the sheer complexity of a theme. Themes that were hardest to develop also come with a larger price tag. The prices are just right, in my opinion – not too low, but not too high either.

WPHub: Do you take future support into account when pricing your themes?

Vedran Fak: Yes, they are formed with support in mind as well. Providing support for a theme like Real Estate is far different than providing support for a theme like Private Lawyer. The bigger the theme, the more help people will need with it, and, in the end, there are more things that can go wrong.

WPHub: It was interesting to see a third option priced at $299 that allows access to all themes. Why does this option exist?

Vedran Fak: For $299, people get all of our 40-plus themes, more specifically a Developer license for each of those themes. With some Developer licenses costing as much as $189, it is easy to see the benefits of becoming a member for $299.

WPHub: The $299 licenses would likely be popular with website developers who have multiple domains and multiple sites. Do Templatic’s customers typically get the Standard, Developer, or Club licenses?

Vedran Fak: Yes, Club memberships are ideal for people who are building client sites. In general, if you are trying to build two or more sites using Templatic themes, the Club is definitely a smart investment. People primarily go for Standard licenses since most of them require a theme for just one project.

WPHub: Now that our readers have learned all about the inner workings of Templatic, we wanted to know more about you personally. What do you do outside of Templatic?

Vedran Fak: I love video games and own a PlayStation 3. I also like biking, karting, tennis, soccer, and reddit.

WPHub: We’d like to thank Templatic Community Manager Vedran Fak for his time for our four-part interview. We should once again point out that WPHub has reviewed 49 of Templatic’s themes, including gems like Foodilicious, Classifieds, and iPhone App. Each of our reviews has a multitude of screen shots, a description of the major features, and links to buy the theme directly. You can also visit for more details.

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