Switch Between Accounts Easily Using The User Switching WordPress Plugin

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Chosen as a sweet plugin on WPCandy a few weeks ago, User Switching is a fantastic little plugin that lets developers quickly switch between user accounts. This allows you to check how a user or usergroup sees your admin area or private members area without having to logout and sign in using the user account.

Switching to a different account is very easy. Once installed the plugin adds a ‘switch to’ option in the user list. You simply need to click on that to be instantly signed on as the chosen user.

User Switching WordPress Plugin

The plugin makes it easy to switch back to your regular account. At the top of every page is a link to switch back to your admin account. This makes switching back and fourth very quick and easy.

User Switching WordPress Plugin

User Switching is a simple plugin but it’s one that adds great functionality to your website. It’s something that should really be incorporated into the WordPress core. Recommended.


Link: User Switching