SupportPress – A Premium Helpdesk WordPress Design

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Following on from their successful release of the ticket system theme FaultPress, WooThemes recently released a help desk design called SupportPress.

The theme features a fully functional ticket system in which customers can submit and track their tickets. A knowledgebase plays a big part in how SupportPress works. Common questions and answers can be added to the knowledgebase so that the number of tickets are reduced. You can actually convert tickets to knowledgebase entries to save you time rewording common questions. Users are also encouraged to check through this section before submitting their ticket as a large percentage of people ask the same questions.


Alerts can be placed at the top of each page to bring visitors attention to something important. For example, a hosting company could use the alert system to inform customers of scheduled downtime. As with all WooThemes designs, SupportPress is designed in HTML5 and is mobile friendly.

SupportPress retails for $100 however WooThemes club members can access the theme for free. All purchases come with the layered photoshop file, making it easy to customise and brand your helpdesk.


Link: SupportPress