Add CSS & Javascript To Your Posts With SuperSlider Perpost Code

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SuperSlider Perpost Code is a useful plugin that allows you to add CSS and Javascript code on a per post basis. Code is added to meta boxes underneath your post editor and can be called inside posts using shortcodes. All CSS and Javscript code is saved in your WordPress table (postmeta table) with hidden meta_keys.

You can set the minimum user level required that is allowed to add CSS and Javascript in posts via the writing settings area ( The CSS or Javascript box can be disabled from the post editor screen if you only need one and not the other.

SuperSlider Perpost Code WordPress Plugin

SuperSlider only loads custom code for that specific post or page. Normally you would have to add code to your style sheet or header in order to call it directly in your content.

SuperSlider Perpost Code WordPress Plugin

If you call Javscript in your content a lot or style your content frequently using CSS, you should find SuperSlider Perpost Code really useful. The plugin works with syntax highlighting plugins too though you will have to delete the content from your database manually if you stop using it as deactivating the plugin won’t remove your data.

Another one worth trying out is CSS & JavaScript Toolbox. That works a little differently. With CSS & JavaScript Toolbox you need to assign the pages and categories that you want to use the code on.


Link: SuperSlider Perpost Code