Super News Plugin for WordPress

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Super News is a cut and paste plugin for WordPress which allows you to generate search engine results from Google for keywords you specify.

The plugin is very easy to set up. Once the plugin is installed you will see a Super News options area at the bottom left of your admin area.

Super News Plugin for WordPress

You then need to quickly register for a Google Search API Key and then choose a thumbnail (screenshot) provider from Shrink the Web, Web Snapr or Thumbshots. This allows the plugin to take screenshots from sites listed in your results.

Super News Plugin for WordPress

Next you need to specify the keyword for your search results. You can order results by date or by relevance.

Super News Keyword

Finally, you are provided with the search results. You then need to copy and paste the code into your blog post. Since the code provided is in HTML, you could copy the code into ant template and into any blogging platform.

Super News Plugin Results

All in all Super News is a great little plugin. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to customise.

It does have it’s limitations though. When I first tried it out I thought it was an improved version of my friend Sarahs plugin ‘What Others are Saying‘. Sarahs plugin allows you to add a widget to your blog which displays the latest articles from your favourite websites and blogs. Super News doesn’t work in this way.

The Super News plugin provides results statically. That is, results are not generated automatically, you are simply given the html code for the keyword results you requested. This means that you can place the results anywhere though they will not be updated so it’s not practical to place them in your sidebar or footer as they would be outdated very quickly. However, the plugin would be great for including a roundup of related articles at the end of a blog post.

I’m sure some of you will find this plugin useful. In the future I’d love to see the plugin improved with an auto update feature so that bloggers could add related searches in their sidebar.

Link : Super News Plugin