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There are hundreds of jQuery image sliders out there, and more than a handful of WordPress plugins that help you set them up on your site. However, the vast majority all share a common setback or two:

  • They require a knowledge of programming
  • They are not intuitive to use
  • They are inflexible and only allow a couple of slides per slider
  • They require you manually enter the URL of your image in a custom field
  • They provide very few customization options that are easy to use
  • . . .

Any of those sound familiar?

Well, that’s where Sugar Slider for WordPress, a brand new plugin available from Code comes in.

Sugar Slider WordPress Plugin

Main Features

  • Create an unlimited number of sliders
  • Customize settings for each individual slider
  • Insert sliders anywhere in your site, include posts, page, widgets, and more
  • Easily edit all sliders through a simple to use admin interface
  • Cross browser tested for:
    • IE 6, 7, 8
    • Chrome
    • Sarfari
    • Firefox
    • Opera

Slider Features

All slider features can be set for each individual slider, so everyone can be unique!

  • Set exact dimensions in pixels for each slider
  • Choose 6 unique transitions, or let the slider choose a random one for you
  • Specify the amount of time each slide is displayed
  • Enable / disable auto play
  • Choose whether to automatically scale images to slider dimensions
  • Enable / disable dot navigator (pagination)
  • Choose placement of dot navigation
    • Top Left
    • Top Center
    • Top Right
    • Above Left
    • Above Center
    • Above Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Center
    • Bottom Right
    • Below Left
    • Below Center
    • Below Right
  • Enable / disable Prev / Next buttons
  • Choose placement of prev/next links
    • Above
    • Middle
    • Below
  • Choose whether to animate captions
  • Place captions in one of four places:
    • Top
    • Left
    • Bottom
    • Right
  • Add / Delete sliders

Slide Features

Every slide within a slider has its own options.

  • Image URL, can be either from WordPress Media library or external source
  • Upload, edit, and insert images with built-in WP media manager
  • Enable / disable image link
  • Specify link URL for image
  • Enable / disable image caption
  • Custom caption text
  • Live slide preview
  • Add / delete slides

Other Features

  • Built in help documentation
  • Customize the Dot Navigator with 8 included themes
  • Choose the theme for the Prev/Next buttons from 4 included styles
  • Custom CSS entry for advanced users
  • Option to disable jQuery in case of theme conflicts

With its extremely easy to use interface, and dozens of powerful features, you’ll be in for a joy ride if you decide to pick Sugar Slider up.

Demo | Download

Comments (2)

  • Comment by Taylor

    I really wish I could see an example of the caption on the right/left so I can make sure this is what I’m looking for. Do you have an image or a demo that I could see?

  • Comment by Pippin Williamson
    Pippin Williamson

    Taylor, I’ve just added a demo slider with the caption on the left here:

    Let me know if you have any more questions.