Double Your Newsletter Subscription Rate With Subscribers Magnet

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A few days ago I told you about a WordPress plugin called Pop Up Domination, which promised to increase your newsletter sign up rate by over 300% by placing a pop up message with your newsletter sign up form when someone visits your website. Today I will be talking about Max Blog Press’s premium plugin Subscribers Magnet, a WordPress plugin which adds a range of new ways for visitors to sign up to your newsletter.

Encouraging Users To Sign Up To Your Newsletter

Compared to other newsletter plugins which promise to increase your email sign up rates, the styling of the forms which Subscribers Magnet add are very basic and look less professional than some alternatives. However it’s main strength is it’s variety of methods for encouraging visitors to sign up. It really does live it to the name ‘magnet’.

Some of the methods include:

Sidebar Form Widget

The default sidebar form is quite basic though you can customise it in the widget area. You can decide which fields are included, change the headline and body text, and change the colours and alignment too.

Subscribers Magnet Sidebar Widget

Footer Bar

The footer bar is a discrete newsletter sign up form which sits at the bottom of your page. The user can easily remove the bar by clicking on the close button.

Subscribers Magnet Footer Bar

Underneath Posts & Pages

The form underneath blog posts and pages looks the same as the sidebar form. It’s an easy way to add another form to a highly targeted area of your website.

Subscribers Magnet Under Article Form

Comment Area

The plugin can add a newsletter sign up checkbox to your comment area. It works in the same way as John Chows StandOutComments (which hasn’t been reviewed here as yet because I noticed some bugs in it and they haven’t been addressed).

This is a fantastic place to encourage users to join your newsletter as the visitor will have already entered their email address so all they have to do is check the box.

Subscribers Magnet Comment Area

Pop Up Box

The pop up box quite basic looking compared to Pop Up Domination however you have much more control over how it is displayed.

You can customise every aspect of the pop up box such as colours, alignment and text. Though the real control comes with how it is displayed. You can set it so that the pop up box is delayed and doesn’t show up until a set number of seconds have passed.

Alternatively, you can set it to pop up after the page is closed, every few days, after a certain number of visits, or only for the first few visits. These features give you a huge amount of control and allow you to make the pop up less obtrusive (which is the main problem with this kind of marketing method).

Subscribers Magnet Pop In Box


Subscribers Magnet has a few tricks up it’s sleeve when it comes to getting a users email address.

One of them is the ‘Form Auto Filler’ option. The plugin remembers users email addresses after they have left a comment so the next time they visit your site the newsletter sign up form is already filled in with their details so all they have to do is click on the submit button.

You can also secretly sign up visitors to your newsletter using a thank you message. Subscribers Magnet allows you to send a thank you message to people who have left a comment which encourages them to sign up to your newsletter (the first part of a double opt in sign up). It’s not an option you want to abuse but it’s clear that this method could greatly increase your sign up rate.

Subscribers Magnet Comment Area


Subscribers Magnet currently retails for $147 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which promises to give you a full refund if the plugin doesn’t double your newsletter sign up rate.

$147 is a lot of money for any WordPress plugin, though if you have the budget and are serious about building your newsletter list I would check Subscribers Magnet out.

You can read more about the plugin at the link below.

Link: Subscribers Magnet