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Just released a few days ago, Stylesheet Per page for WordPress, by jkohlbach, looks to be a very promising plugin. It allows you to create specific stylesheets for individual posts and pages, and it even supports custom post types. Having custom stylesheets for individual posts/pages is extremely useful, especially when you wish to create art directed posts. The plugin also provides you to ability to create IE-specific stylesheets.

How to Use It

To use this plugin, just add stylesheets in the following formats to your theme’s base directory or a “css” subdirectory inside your theme’s base directory:

  • For pages use page-[page_name].css where “page_name” is the slug of the page.
  • For author pages use user.css and for individual user pages user-[username].css.
  • For different post types user [post_type].css where “post_type” is the name of the custom post type or just ‘post’ for regular posts.
  • For individual posts use [post_type]-[post_name].css where “post_type” is the custom post type or just ‘post’ for regular posts, and “post_name” is the slug of the post.
  • To activate stylesheets just create css files with the following naming: ie.css (covers all IE versions), ie7.css (covers IE 7 and below), ie6.css (covers IE 6 and below).

Because of how recently it was published, there’s very little data on how well the plugin works, but it’s looking good so far. Go try it out and let everyone know what you think.



Comments (2)

  • Comment by Pippin Williamson
    Pippin Williamson

    Of course! It’s a great plugin.

  • Comment by Josh Kohlbach
    Josh Kohlbach

    Thanks heaps for the mention Pippin, glad you’re enjoying the plugin :)