StudioPress Releases Modern Portfolio Theme

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Premium WordPress theme company StudioPress recently released its latest responsive offering in the form of Modern Portfolio. The theme aims to serve as a business-based product for web designers and photographers that can be instantly incorporated to work on any WordPress website and controlled via basic click demands from its Control Panel.

Thanks to its responsive design, Modern Portfolio will automatically adjust the width of your content to fit the screens of mobile device and tablet computer users. This means that smart phone visitors won’t be forced to horizontally thumb-scroll several times in order to reach the edge of a page or post.

Modern Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Modern Portfolio Homepage

The Modern Portfolio homepage begins with a traditional top navigational region accompanied by a logo section on the left-hand side. The “Welcome” bar is located immediately below the CMS navigation bar and gives webmasters an opportunity to provide introductory text to readers that leads into current or popular projects.

Modern Portfolio Homepage

The actual Portfolio Feed is divided into a three-column layout and utilizes LightBox effects to enhance the image of any photo that is being moused-over by the visitor. Portfolio entries include a slot for the entry’s title that can be placed immediately below the large thumbnail.

The official product page for Modern Portfolio lists the theme’s features as including “wide spacing and clean typography highlight your best work and the theme sports other out-of-the-box features including: custom background, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, footer widgets, landing page template, mobile responsive, theme options.”

Services Section

There is also a Services Section located in the middle of the homepage that provides a text region for encouraging potential clients to find out more about your design or photographic work. A Call-To-Action button can be placed within the Services Bar to prompt those interested to click for additional information.

Modern Portfolio Homepage 2

If you would like to provide visitors with news stories, industry tidbits or blubs, you can do so via a separate Blog Feed directly on the homepage. Posts are laid out in three columns with a rectangular thumbnail (LightBox effects can be enabled), title, excerpt and Read More link.

When clicking through to view a full post, visitors will be greeted with a larger version of the image along with the full entry including text, images, and shortcode-enabled enhancements.

Modern Portfolio Blog Post

Widget Aware Theme

Modern Portfolio Sidebar

Modern Portfolio is a widget aware theme with sidebar and footer capabilities. The sidebar can be programmed via the back-end to present the reader with social network links, subscription prompts, recent posts, advertisements, text, tags and more.

All the webmaster has to do is go to the Widgets section from the WordPress Dashboard and decide which widgets to insert within the sidebar and footer. Once completed, users will have one-click access to specific content and can easily sign up to receive feeds from your site’s social media accounts.

StudioPress Subscription Plans

All of StudioPress’ premium themes are managed by the Genesis Framework. Any single license purchase will come with Genesis and one premium theme (most priced at $79.95). Users who would like to obtain full access to all 43 StudioPress themes (products created by other designers are not included) can buy the Pro Plus Package for a one-time fee of $349.95.

Genesis Framework By StudioPress

Modern Portfolio relays most of its pages into the actual homepage by scrolling down to the content requested. This means that front-end users who click on the page titles within the navigational area will not be taken to a separate page unless the theme is modified via code manipulation.

To find out more about the latest release from StudioPress, visit the following links.

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