Stripefolio WordPress Theme Released

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On October 17th, developer Synved released a new, free WordPress theme designed for bloggers and those who are seeking out a low cost method for featuring photographic content. Stripefolio can handle a number of tasks and is a simple yet effective product that could be a useful addition to your theme catalog.

According to a post on, Stripefolio is a free clean WordPress theme designed to function both as a readable blog and website as well as a fullscreen portfolio showcase for designers, painters, artists, photographers, etc.”

Stripefolio Theme Characteristics

The Stripefolio WordPress theme begins with the typical logo section which is centered at the top of each page along with a brief description. If you decide to use this theme for your personal blog, you can place the blog’s title and sub header to give readers an idea of the general talking points that will be published. If, on the other hand, you plan to incorporate high quality image based content, you can also make that clear within this section.

Pages are displayed in the navigation area, with drop down menus available for sub categories.

Stripefolio Logo Top Navigation

The Main Feed can handle a normal range of posts and includes a title, publication date, author name, category, comments and tags. You can configure various settings from the back end Control Panel to customize how your content will appear on the homepage, along with the linking aspects.

This section can be used to feature your portfolio images if you wish. There are also a number of shortcodes that come standard with this theme’s package that will allow you to add more functionality to your posts with minimal effort and without ever having to manipulate actual code.

Stripefolio Shortcodes

User Statistics

Roughly a week has gone by since Stripefolio was released to the public. At the time this article is being written, a total of 664 users have downloaded the theme, yet unfortunately there is only one Star Rating review to go on (one user gave it 5 out of 5 Stars). Nearly all of the downloads have come over the last two days; which means there could be additional user feedback by the end of the week as more and more individuals try the theme out.

The developer Synved is based out of Ireland and promotes itself as a WordPress theme and plugin creator that provides web development and design services with the highest standards of quality.

More On The Way

Many individuals and companies are anxiously awaiting the commercial release of WordPress 3.5. The second Beta version was made available on October 13th, and users are currently testing it out and submitting feedback in order to identify any bugs that need to be fixed before going live with the product. If all goes well, states that WordPress 3.5 will be ready to go on December 5th.