Streamlined Notifications Part Of WordPress For Android 2.4

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On Tuesday, June 11th, Automattic’s Dan Roundhill announced the latest version release of WordPress for Android, which focuses on an enhanced Notifications menu for customers or those who are currently using the Jetpack plugin.

The rapid growth of on-the-go devices over the past few years has sparked a major shift in online innovation as services such as strive to cater to the smart phone and tablet computer market. Regardless of whether the site owner is dedicated to its content full time or simply playing the role of webmaster while moonlighting at a regular job, the need to stay informed about the happenings of what’s going on with one’s blog or online business is essential. As time passes, more and more individuals are turning to their mobile hardware due to its ability to perform a massive amount of tasks with log in credentials from anywhere around the globe; provided there is a reliable Internet connection.

WordPress For Android Notifications

Version 2.4 of the WordPress for Android software will work for those who already have a premium subscription to the website as well as for self-hosted websites that are using the Jetpack plugin.

WordPress For Android Notifications

In his June 11th blog post, Roundhill wrote, “Need to get your Notifications on the go? With version 2.4 of WordPress for Android you’ll see all your Notifications right on your Android device. Step away yet stay connected. With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can: Read comment threads and reply. Moderate new pending comments. Get stats highlights. See your new followers and follow them back. See who liked your posts.”

Not An All In One Module

The Notifications User Interface released with Version 2.4 of WordPress for Android is not an all in one module; meaning you or your webmaster can easily customize it to include only the functionality that is needed. For example, if you are not interested in receiving updates every time one of your posts is Liked, then you can easily remove that feature from the Notifications module without losing the ability to moderate pending comments and check statistics. The same can be said for getting updated on when you receive new followers.

If you’re at an event where you mobile device has to be turned on yet do not want to be interrupted with updates from your website, simply turn off the Notifications feature altogether and re-activate it once you are ready. The great thing about the WordPress platform is that so much functionality can be hard coded into the back end in order to ensure that all users have a customizable product to work with.

Bug Fixes And Improvements

The latest release of WordPress for Android also comes with a number of improvements and bug fixes. For one, a new menu icon has been placed within the software to coincide with the latest “Holo” design guidelines. The overall Settings and Sign Out toggles have been added to the overflow menu, and there are also new fonts that are now available.

Roundhill ended his post by addressing some of the upcoming features that are anticipated for future releases by saying, “We’ve got some great new features in the works including improvements to Media, Account Setup, and the Reader.”

At the time this news article was written, no replies had been left below the entry, which usually points to a relatively clean release that doesn’t have any major flaws. If you would like to start using the latest version, click on the following link to Download WordPress For Android 2.4. Remember that if you are working from a self-hosted site that uses WordPress and still want to enjoy the Notifications feature, you’ll need to install the Jetpack plugin.

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