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Sticky Social Bar is WordPress plugin from PixelGrade that allows you to add a floating social media bar to posts, pages and your home page. I recently implemented it on WP Mods and have been very impressed with how it works.

Before Sticky Social Bar was released, I had tried out several floating social media bar solutions such as Digg Digg, CevherShare and ShareThis. They all were all unsuitable for one reason or another; whether it was styling issues or errors.

Thankfully, my search for a good social media bar is over as Sticky Social Bar does everything that you need. In total there are 12 social media buttons to choose. There are 11 buttons from popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and there is an option for readers to share your content via email too. To change which buttons are displayed on your bar you simple select the box and then click enable or disable. The order of buttons can be changed easily too by simply dragging and dropping them into your preferred order.

Sticky Social Bar Buttons

You can change the code for each button directly via the admin area. This is useful if you want to customise the button in some way. For example, you could edit all your buttons to display small sharing buttons rather than the default boxes. You can also easily add your own buttons too. This makes it a very versatile plugin as you could add anything to this area e.g. other social media buttons, a print option or even an advertisement.

Sticky Social Bar Edit Button

In the settings area you can set the position of the bar, it’s visibility and the style. You can choose to show the bar on posts, pages and/or the home page. There is no option to show it on other areas of your site such as category archives though this isn’t something that many people would share anyways (though they have suggested that they might add this functionality soon).

By default the bar is aligned vertically with your content though you can disable this if you want. To position your bar you just need to define the number of pixels from the top of the page and the offset position from your content.

Sticky Social Bar Settings Area

One of the best features of Sticky Social Bar is the ability to position the bar to the exact position visually. By clicking on the ‘Set the position’ button you are taken to your latest post (even if it’s a draft). From here you can drag the bar to the position you want it to be displayed. This is a wonderful addition to the plugin as the vast majority of social media bar plugins only let you set the position manually, which usually requires you to reload your page several times as you change the figures through trial and error.

Set Position Of Sticky Social Bar

Once you have chosen your buttons, chosen where the bar is displayed and set its position, you will see the bar displayed on your website.

Sticky Social Bar Example

It should integrate well with most WordPress designs out there. The default style is a white box with all buttons placed inside. An identical design is available in dark and there is a divided style that wraps a box around each button.

Dark and light transparent styles are available too. This is great for designs that use a background image or pattern instead of a solid colour (e.g. like WP Mods currently has). Don’t worry if you aren’t happy with the 5 default styles on offer. You can place a new style in the plugin CSS folder and after reloading your settings page you will be able to choose it as a style.

Sticky Social Bar Styles

Sticky Social Bar retails for only $7 from CodeCanyon. As someone who has tested the vast majority of floating bar solutions out there, I can honestly say that PixelGrades option is by far the best available at the moment (the fact that I’m using it on WP Mods just now is testament to this!).

It blends in beautifully with your existing design. The bar isn’t displayed until the start of your content. As the user scrolls down the page the bar remains in a fixed position. This is a great way of encouraging people to share your content as although it is placed outside of your content, it is always in view. I encourage you to check it out if you are looking for a way of keeping your social media sharing buttons in view all the time.

If you have any questions regarding the plugin please leave a comment and I’ll answer the query as best as I can.

Good luck,

Link: Sticky Social Bar

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  • Comment by Linda Keast
    Linda Keast

    The links you provide to this plugin all come up Page Not Found. I searched their site, and am not coming up with anything I recognize as this widget. Any hints?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

     @DuncanDibblecom It’s not something I actually tracked after installing it if I’m honest as I had a social media bar floating at another time and I’ve had social media voting links underneath posts from the start too.

  • Comment by DuncanDibblecom

     @Kevin Muldoon I am currently using wibya bar on one of my sites and it has made a difference. Has the sticky social bar made much of an impact to your social exposure?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    The developer did an update that messed the plugin up a little but quickly removed the changes. He needs to fix the pinterest option too but apart from that I’ve been pleased with it.

  • Comment by Debbs Hosting
    Debbs Hosting

    Based on my observations, a lot of blogs and websites already have plugins like the sticky social bar. So far, since you started using it, did you notice any mishaps?