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I have wrote about quite a lot of great stat plugins over the last few months such as FeedStats, Social Metrics and JetPack. I have also spoke about plugins that integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress dashboard.

Fazal Mayar recently left a comment on a guest post I wrote suggesting that I try StatPress out. StatPress has not been updated for around 18 months however it still works well and shows a lot of stats that other plugins such as Stats does not.

In addition to regular statistics such as the number of visitors, pageviews etc; it also shows traffic from search engine robots and feeds. A lot of information is displayed about the people who are viewing your website such as the operating system they were using, the browser they used and the country they are from. Top search terms are displayed as well as the top search engines that sent you traffic and the IP addresses that viewed your site the most.

StatPress does seem a little dated in some respects however it does provide some useful information about your websites traffic. If you want more info about your traffic than the number of visits and number of page impressions, it would be worthwhile checking it out. It’s no substitute for a service such as Google Analytics though it’s still a good way to quickly have a look at where your traffic is coming from.


Link: StatPress WordPress Plugin

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  • Comment by laxmankasula

    Yeah, Its the nice plugin indeed but is not being updated.
    Lets hope a new release to come soon….