A Preview Of The Standard Theme 3 Theme Framework

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3 months I wrote a review of Standard Theme, the framework that was created specifically for bloggers. When Standard was originally released in 2010 it was one of the most advanced WordPress themes available however by the time I reviewed it at the end of 2011 it was a little dated in the backend as it hadn’t had a major update in around a year.

Developers 8Bit hadn’t forgot about Standard Theme, they were busy working on the new version. On Valentines day last month 8Bit announced a preview of the new version for customers.

The 8Bit Team
The 8Bit Team

I got in touch with product manager Chris Ames recently and he kindly offered to send me a copy of the preview so that I could try show WP Mods readers. Please bear in mind that the version he sent me is a work in progress. It isn’t even at beta stage yet so isn’t a representation of what the finished version will be :)

The upcoming theme is responsive so will look great on mobile devices. Other planned features include:

  • Complete design refresh.
  • Optional responsive layout. The adaptive variety. Yes, the “real” kind.
  • Hand crafted post format designs. Includes: standard posts, images, quotes, links, status, and video.
  • Precision SEO techniques baked into the code. Confused by Yoast or All-in-one SEO plugins? Not for long.
  • Standard Framework revealed. Yeah, this is only fun for coders. Or is it? We may just convert you into one with this feature.
  • WordPress native EVERYWHERE. We love this one. Our admin panel is small and laser-focused with good reason.

As you can see from the preview image below, it’s shaping up to be a beautifully clean design that will appear to those who want a dedicated blogging design.

Preview Of Standard Theme

One of the goals of 8Bit when developing Standard 3 was to reduce the number of options available and make it less bloated. The preview version they sent me only has 3 small option sections.

The layout section allows you to move the sidebar from left to right or remove it altogether. You can also disable the mobile design if you wish.

Standard Theme Settings Preview

The page section lets you switch common features on or off such as breadcrumbs, features images and author boxes.

Standard Theme Settings Preview

The social networks area currently has 18 social media services to choose from. Any fields you complete here will add an icon to the top right hand side of the navigation area in the header.

Standard Theme Settings Preview

Currently three menu locations are integrated into the design: above the logo, below the logo and in the footer.

Standard Theme Menus

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Standard 3 turns out. It still has a clean design, still supports post formats and has a responsive design that will look great on all devices. Once the full version (or beta) has been released I’ll be sure to do a full review for you all.


Link: Standard Theme