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Source Redirect Site is a redirection plugin from Press Pixels that lets visitors to another location depending on their location, browser or device they are using.

This could be used to direct regional visitors to a different location on your site or to redirect visitors who are using an old browser such as Internet Explorer 6 to a page encouraging them to upgrade. You can redirect your whole site or only the home page if you prefer.

Source Redirect Site

You have the option of redirecting all mobile visitors to a specific URL. This is a useful way of redirecting visitors to your mobile design. Alternatively, you can redirect users depending on which type of device they are using. 8 different types of mobiles can be configured although there is no direct support for tablet devices as yet.

Redirect Mobiles

You can redirect users of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and 5 versions of Internet Explorer.

Redirect Browsers

The Geo Location option allows you to redirect visitors from any country in the world to a specific URL. There is an additional regional option for US states.

Redirect Location

Source Redirect Site is free to download however there is a premium version available for $20. I tested the free and premium versions for this review. The free version does not let you redirect visitors accordingly to their location. It allows you to redirect mobile visitors but not specify redirection rules on a per device basis i.e. you can only redirect all mobile users. Additionally, the free version only lets you redirect all Internet Explorer visitors, it doesn’t allow you to specify specific rules for users of Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

I tested the plugin redirection on my different browsers, my iPhone and I tried to redirect myself according to my location. The browser and mobile redirection seemed to work perfectly though I wasn’t able to redirect myself via location. I’m not sure if this affects all locations or if the plugin just has some problems with certain countries or certain ISPs. It’s still a useful plugin and I would recommend trying it out.


Source Redirect Site: Source Redirect Site | Source Redirect Site Pro

* Thanks to Press Pixels for providing a test copy of Source Redirect Site Pro for this review.

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