Nick Roach Offers Up Sneak Peek of Fusion

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On December 12th, Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach announced that the premium template company is working on a new product called Fusion, which is likely to be commercially released some time before the end of January 2013. Fusion will be the firm’s 80th premium theme (an accomplishment of its own considering the $39 all-inclusive subscription plan). Today we take a “sneak peek” at the new template to give our readers an idea of what they can expect once it is on the open market.

In his blog post, Nick wrote, “As usual, we are hard at work on a brand new theme! For those who are interested in what’s cooking behind the scenes, here is a sneak peek of the new design called “Fusion.” The theme will fuse professionalism and a bit of pizzazz to create the perfect solution for technology companies and blogs alike. I hope that you like what you see!”

Featured Content Slider

From the looks of it, Fusion will boast a featured content slider that gives webmasters the ability to display photographic content that can be used for either a personal blog or business site. With arrow-style icons on either side, users will be able to manually toggle through the content and, judging from past theme releases, an unlimited amount of slides may be programmed to appear by using the back-end Control Panel.

Fusion Header

There is a dedicated slot within the header that allows for the insertion of social media icons so your readers can link to your Facebook, Twitter and other pages. The logo will appear at the top-left (as is customary) and the Content Management System will be accessed from the Top Navigation Bar with drop down menus used for sub-categories.

Personal Or Commercial Use

Having the option to use a template for either personal or commercial use is a significant perk for premium themes, and Fusion’s sneak peek shows a tab for “Products,” hinting that a separate page will be available for selling merchandise or services.

Bloggers who have already been using Elegant Themes can expect a clean, grid style layout that focuses on a “clean” look rather than a jumbled homepage.

There is also an excellent chance that the new theme will be fully responsive and automatically adapt to the screen size parameters of each individual reader.

Widget Ready Theme

Sidebars and footers have always played an important role in themes designed by Nick, and Fusion is no different. Advertisement banners, recent comments, recent posts, and social media feeds are just a few options that can be placed within these regions in order to give front-end users a simple method for accessing all of your website’s important pages.

The blurbs section shown in the screenshot below gives business owners a perfect opportunity to show off their business services and let potential customers know about products, services, and company goals.

Fusion Footer

What Do Customers Think?

At the time this news article was written, there were a total of 29 comments posted to the sneak peek blog entry. Elegant Themes customer WPExplorer commented, “I think it’s looking good! I completely understand why you would just show a preview. Its a great way to keep people wondering and intrigued, but also you don’t want other stealing your ideas ;)”

Another user who goes by the screen name of Sterling Williams added “Looking GOOD and like how there isn’t too much space between sections/content… Very Cool and LUV Elegant Themes and as the World moves so fast these days, it’s great you keep Themes Coming and every more ‘with IT’!! Those are the companies that Keep GOing #NickRocks.”

Chuck Bartok said, “I think the new theme has an exciting delivery. Will it be available in lighter colors? I am finding our usual market is “older” and find the dark backgrounds difficult to read.”

Will It Be Out Before The New Year?

We can only speculate on whether the new Fusion theme will be released by the beginning of the New Year. Official launches generally occur within a few weeks of Nick’s sneak peek posts, so it could be any time between now and February.