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Smart Social Network Count is a premium WordPress plugin that adds a social media box to your widget area. The plugin supports Facebook fan pages, Twitter, RSS (Feed and Email), Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and Github. The number of fans, followers or subscribers is noted for each account is noted in the widget.

Setting the plugin up is very straight forward. You simply need to enter the URL or ID of your profile and set whether you want the service to be displayed. The description of each social media service can be changed through the settings area e.g. you can change the text for Twitter from ‘Twitter Followers’ to ‘Twitter Fans’ etc.

You can also change the title of the widget. This title controls a header at the top of the widget and the widget title itself (i.e. the H2 title your sidebar displays). Both of these can be switched off and on in the settings area.

Smart Social Network Count Settings Area

There are three different layout designs to choose from: smart, compact and classic.

Smart Social Network Count

The icons that are used for each service can be changed too. In total there are 4 icon sets to choose from. You can also style the design of the box, the title and the count title and number directly through the settings area.

Smart Social Network Count

More and more websites are showing off the number of subscribers they have prominently in their sidebar. This can be done manually though if you are looking for a good design that is quick to set up, you should have a look at Smart Social Network Count. It retails for only $10 from CodeCanyon so it shouldn’t burst the bank :)


Link: Smart Social Network Count

* Thanks to SmartDataSoft for providing a copy of Smart Social Network Count for this review.

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    Hey I read your post on (I hope you are the same kevin) this post is much more useful than the other,

    which plugin are you using in this blog at the top right part of the sidebar, also if possible can you say which plugin is using, please mail me at dev(dot)[email protected](dot)com