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You may have noticed a floating social media box to the left hand side of all pages on WP Mods over the last week. I have been looking for a way of showing social media voting buttons more prominently here without annoying anyone with them (difficult I know). I then stumbled across a great plugin called Smart Sharing from WP Beginner.

WP Beginner advised that some people using it were seeing their retweet rates rise from 300 to 1,000+ therefore I wanted to test the plugin over a few weeks before writing an article about it. However, a few readers have emailed me asking about it so I thought I would show you it all today :)

For those of you who are reading WP Mods through their newsreader, below is a screenshot of the social media box that is floated to the left hand side of the page.

Smart Sharing

By default the plugin allows you to add voting butons for Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Stumbleupon. Thankfully, you can also add your own custom codes to the box. For example, I have included the Google+1 button instead of Digg.

You can customise how the box is styled plus you can determine what side of your page the box is displayed and how far from the content the box is.

Smart Sharing

As I have only been using the plugin a week, I am unsure if the plugin has helped to increase retweets and shares of articles on WP Mods (as traffic has increased in the last week anyway), however I would expect it has helped since the voting buttons are displayed at all times to the reader. The plugin may not be to everyones taste however I’m a big fan of this plugin as it shows the larger social media voting buttons but keeps them outside of the main content area so you don’t have to modify your design in anyways.

Those of you who are on the lookout for a good social media sharing plugin should check it out.


Link: Smart Sharing

UPDATE: Please Read

A day or so after I installed this plugin I was trying to get to the bottom of a problem on WP Mods that I thought was perhaps being caused by a plugin. I make sure I validate my code every few weeks to check that the site has no errors however this was something that I failed to do after installing Smart Sharing.

WP Mods author Zack Tollman was helping me resolve the issue I had when he pointed out that Smart Sharing was causing validation errors (16 to be exact). Due to this, I do not recommend readers download this plugin. I do still believe that it is a great plugin however until the code has been improved, I cannot recommend it to users.

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  • Comment by jamalmansouri

    I want to download this plugin but the wpbeginer has shut down the plugin and I see you are runing the plugin, I had it before but I lost it, so could you please make a zip file of plugin and upload it on any filesharing manager site like Mediafire? please I need this plugin