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Slick Contact Forms is a plugin created by Design Chemical that lets you create contact forms that can show up on almost any area of your website by means of widgets.


Slick Contact Forms creates a widget that can be employed either as floaty or sticky or even as a drop down tab. It features a simple contact mechanism wherein the details entered by the user get mailed to the email address specified. The contact form being light, cannot offer uploads or attachments. Only four fields are available by default – I personally decided to treat them as Name, Email, Subject and Message. You can customize each of the fields to your liking.

Slick Contact Forms in action
Slick Contact Forms in action

Since the form itself is treated as a widget, you can have multiple forms on the same page.

Major Features:

The contact forms created by the plugin can have three text input fields along with one text area. That seems sufficient for a nifty little contact mechanism. Its location can be set to wherever you desire – top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, or simply left or right! It doesn’t have those flashy colors in its armor, yet – you’ll have to choose between black, grey (or dark grey), white or no-skin. There are also animated error messages, such as those for invalid email addresses, required fields being left blank, etc.

However, the most eye catching element of the form is the spam blocking mechanism. It features a captcha – wait, don’t lose interest already – its a Honeypot style captcha. It contains an additional text input field visible only to spam bots and not humans. If text entry is provided to that field too, the spam bot’s messages is blocked (the response returned is “Invalid”). Neat!

Slick Contact Forms has its own settings page (located at Settings –> Slick Contact Forms). You can specify the default mail-to: address, subject, invalid or error messages as well as messages after successful sending of the contact mail. It can also send the visitor’s IP, if you so desire.

Slick Contact Forms settings page
Slick Contact Forms settings page

However, rather than the Settings Page, the more noticeable area is the plugin’s widget. It lets you modify the animation scheme (float or slide), size of the form, location, text field properties, color or skin, etc. You can also edit the animation speed of the form, though the default settings seem to do well and I personally don’t quite feel the need to tweak them. In addition to all of that, you can specify the default text to be displayed with the form.

Slick Contact Forms Widget
Slick Contact Forms Widget

Lastly, the plugin also comes with short codes so that you can add links within your website that control the form. For your reference, following are the available shortcodes:

  1. [dcscf-link] — default link that will toggle the contact form open/close.
  2. [dcscf-link text=”Contact Us Now”] — toggles the contact form open/close with the link text “Contact Us Now”.
  3. [dcscf-link action=open] — open the contact form with the default link text.
  4. [dcscf-link action=close] — close the contact form with the default link text.


All in all, Slick Contact Forms seems to be a wonderful (and speedy) contact mechanism plugin for all sorts of blogs and websites. You should definitely give it a try!

Plugin Links:

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