Slates – A Minimalist WordPress Theme For Bands And Musicians

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Slates is a brand new WordPress design from developer Tom Doherty. Those of you who read WP Mods regularly will remember his previous design Extricate, the minimalist grid based design.

Slates was designed specifically for bands and musicians though it could be used for any kind of niche. The information page, shown below, was built with Slates and shows how a simple website can easily be created with the theme. Please bear in mind that this is not the default design, just an example of what Slates can do. In many respects, the Slates theme is like a framework.

Slates Minimalist WordPress Theme

In the options area you can set your background and logo. The height of the logo can be set differently for those viewing the site on mobile phones.

Slates Options Area

You can also set whether the tagline is shown, change the default link colours and determine the size and type of font.

Slates Options Area

In the view below Tom walks you through how you design a website with Slates. He manages to create a website in only 8 minutes.

Slates is free to download however a premium version (Slates Plus) is available for $30. The premium version has a lot more customisation options and lets you set the number of columns your site has. The benefits of purchasing the premium version can be seen in the Slates Options Page as the options are there in the free version but have just been greyed out.

More information can be found at the link below :)


Link: Slates WordPress Theme

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  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Hello Gokul,

    It looks like this theme is no longer available. We do offer over 600 premium themes in our theme library here . Maybe you can find one that fits your needs there;)

    – Michael Scott

  • Comment by Gokul

    Good theme. Had it. The links are broken it seems. Any idea if its available for download?