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More and more designs are utilising full screen backgrounds. A common feature in photography designs is the ability to rotate photographs from your portfolio in the background. The Site Background Slider plugin from PressPixels allows you to add this functionality.

It offers 15 different overlays to place over your background images and you can define the timer delay and fade delay in seconds. Instead of using the media uploader, you need to upload the backgrounds that you rotate to a specified folder on your site. The default location is wp-includes/images though you can change this to anything you want.

Images can be shown in order or randomly and you have the option of displaying a loading icon when background images are changing.

Site Background Slider

I was amazed at how easy it was to use this plugin. It could be greatly improved if it used the WordPress media uploader though it isn’t a major hassle to upload several images to a folder online for your backgrounds.

Site Background Slider

Those of you with photography websites or personal blogs will find this plugin very useful. It’s also a useful way of displaying your logo in the background of your site. For example, instead of simply showing a white background you could design a white background image with a faded image of your website logo. By uploading different versions of this background image with the logo in a different location you can give the impression that the logo is changing location in the background.

Kudos to PressPixels for releasing such a cool little plugin for free.


Site Background Slider: Information | Download

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    @presspixels Best of luck with development of a pro version. I was really impressed by how well it worked. It’s such a simple concept but it’s been implemented really well.

    I’d love to see the option of uploading images via the admin area by URL and via the media uploader. Users can then change backgrounds will then not rely on FTP (plus it makes it easier to change the image on the go e.g. internet cafe).

  • Comment by presspixels

    Thanks for the nice post Kevin!

    We are continually updating this little plugin and glad to have found your post talking about it ;) Had a few requests now for a pro version with images in DB, hooked to specific pages on site (unique background slideshows) with linked background slides ( for advertising – weird request, we know ;) so looks like we may go that route… cheers!