Split Test Your Posts And Pages With Simple Page Tester

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Simple Page Tester is a premium WordPress plugin from Josh Kohlbach of Thirsty Affiliates. The plugin lets you split test posts and pages without having to edit any code. This is a useful way of testing the performance of different kinds of designs, layouts and content.

Once you have installed the plugin you will see an option in the sidebar of your post editor to split test a post or page.

Simple Page Tester In Post Editor

When you click on the split test button you are presented with three options: duplicate current page, choose existing page and create new blank page.

Simple Page Tester Options

Once you have selected an option you will be taken to the Split Test page. The name of the test can be changed at the top. This is merely a reference for yourself to remind you what the test is for so it’s worthwhile writing something descriptive.

The pages are split into two columns: the master page and the second page. The second page (i.e. the one that was generated) will have ‘-2′ appended to the permalink though you can edit the page and change the permalink if you wish. Once you have made changes to the second page, you can set the distribution for the pages. You can select any whole number from 1 to 99 per cent. When you change the distribution percentage for one page, it is automatically changed in the other. For example, if you change the master page to 40% the second page will automatically adjust to 60%.

Simple Page Tester Split Test

Over time visitors will see each version of the page. You will be able to see how many visitors have visited each page. This should help with your decision on deciding which page performed the best. The easiest way to split test two pages is a 50/50 distribution. Let’s say you wanted to test two landing pages for a product you were selling. Perhaps one page has a colourful layout with lots of images whilst the other has only one image but has much more content. By using a different tracker for your affiliate links in each page you can track which one turns out to convert the most sales.

After a few days or a few weeks (depending on your traffic), you should have a sufficient number of visits to each page and enough sales to determine which one is the best. If there is not much difference in conversions between the two pages after a few weeks, you could perhaps run the test longer to see if anything changes over a longer period of time (e.g. once search engine traffic increases for the page). If one page is clearly performing better than the other, then you know that this is the page you should use for the landing page.

My favourite feature of Simple Page Tester is that once you have found which page is performing the best you can declare that page the winner. When you have chosen the best page, the other page is removed. The split test is also removed from your site. At first I wasn’t sure if it was good for the whole split test to be removed as it could be helpful in some scenarios to keep an old test for reference. On the other hand it’s doubtful that you will ever use a page that doesn’t perform well so the only thing you are losing from the split test is the number of visits that the page received (which tells you nothing about the performance of a page in itself).

I was very impressed with Simple Page Tester. It’s a very simple plugin to use and very easy to understand too. I don’t personally have lots of experience with split testing pages though I was able to set up a split test in about a minute.

This plugin isn’t only suitable for affiliates. Split tests are commonly used by marketers to see which landing page performs the best, though this could be a great tool for bloggers to make more money too. It is quite common for bloggers to make good commissions from product reviews. For example, say you posted a review of a running watch that still brings you in around $50 per month in commissions. You could do a split test with your post to see if it performs better with certain elements changes e.g. less images, more content or more links to the product.

A license for Simple Page Tester retails for $27. This includes the plugin, upgrades for life, unlimited site licenses and a detailed instruction manual that shows you how to use the plugin. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for those of you who are not happy with the plugin.

This is a great plugin for affiliate marketers though I recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to increase commissions from their blog and improve the conversion rate of pages with affiliate links.


Link: Simple Page Tester