Use Shortcodes Anywhere on your site with Shortcode Exec PHP

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Most of you will be familiar with shortcodes in WordPress as a vast majority of plugins require you to use them. For example, you need to add something like [shortcode] to a post, page or template in order for the plugin to output it’s data.

The Shortcode Exec PHP plugin allows you to define PHP functions and then call them on your site using shortcode. Shortcodes can then be executed in sidebars, excerpts, comments, feeds, posts and pages.

Shortcode Exec PHP WordPress Plugin

The code doesn’t have to contain PHP i.e. you could simply create shortcodes for text or HTML. This would allow you to import formatted text into posts easily. For example, if you sold paid reviews on your website you could create a disclaimer which states that a review was paid for and then link to it easily at the end of the review using shortcode.

Code can be tested within the settings area to see the output of any shortcode which is created. All authors can call the shortcode within posts however only admin can define shortcodes.

More information about the plugin can be found at the link below :)


Download Link: Shortcode Exec PHP