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The best quality of WordPress is truly is versatility. It can go from being a personal weblog to a fully functional online store with the click of a mouse, literally. With all of the options, ranging from Paypal integration to third party eCommerce services, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get exactly what you want out of your WordPress blog whether you are using free or premium WordPress Themes.

Here are my top eCommerce / Shopping Cart plugins for WordPress blogs.

WordPress eCommerce Plugin

This plugin offers an amazingly comprehensive toolkit that will ensure your online shop is as plug-and-play as possible. It comes complete with different templates, offering you control over how your shopping cart will appear to your customers. Social media is super simple, as they’ve optimized everything using the ShareThis technology, which will absolutely help your products get noticed. As far as payment options – they are plentiful. WordPress eCommerce supports Google Checkout, Paypal,, and several others. While the plugin is free to use, further customization options reveal themselves in the form of premium plugins (plugins for a plugin? I know, it’s crazy), including a FedEx quote generator, Members Only module, and NextGen gallery integration.

YAK For WordPress

This is another surprisingly powerful eCommerce plugin that’s being offered for free, but has some really integral premium options. YAK is an open source plugin, and for about $28, you can get your hands on their comprehensive Handbook, which will allow you further options regarding configuration and customization. This plugin associates new products with your updated blog, so blog posts containing new products have their blog ID, which is also the product ID. YAK supports downloadable products, so any e-books, plugins, or zip files you’re marketing can be easily purchased and dowloaded. Flash-based sales reports are also included. There is an excellent support system for this plugin, including a discussion group.


This is a sleek, hard-working plugin. The plugin site lists a number of sites using their product, which signifies (to me, anyway) that this is a great option. Aside from its ability to create an entire catalogue of products with custom variables (size, color, etc.), a powerful dashboard-based order management system, and a bevy of other features, seeing that the plugin has loyalty and trust from past users is still nice. PHPurchase is a highly organized system that is easy to implement, and easy to use.

The single website license is $49, 5 site license is $199, and the coveted unlimited developer license is $299.


This plugin combines the best parts of a WordPress blog (organization, cleanliness, and search-ability) with a stable online retail platform. It includes all the necessary features, including custom variables, promotion abilities (coupon codes, discounts, etc.), Adsense integration with dedicated advertising slots, and shipping/tax options. You also have the ability to import CSV files, which is a lot more appealing than individual entry any day.

You can get the ShopperPress VIP license (including extra themes and features) for $79 right now, but it’s regularly priced at $149.

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Just like the name, this plugin is straight to the point. With a ton of payment options, product options, and affiliate and digital product support, it’s got everything you need to make a fully functional online shop. You may miss some features offered by the more advanced plugins listed here, but rest assured that this plugin will do everything you do to create an online shop.

The single site license for this plugin is $49.99, and the unlimited developer’s version is $249.95.

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  • Comment by Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson

    I always search for different and beneficial plugins, you gave me a great stuff to try on my WordPress site.

  • Comment by Muz

    I’ve been reading on and off for last couple weeks in regards to finding an eCommerce plugin that will suite my needs. I have a bit of experience with other eCommerce shops so have some insight and come to this conclusion.
    If you want a real shop… WP with a plugin isn’t the answer. It is still in it’s infancy. I’m surprised with such a massive market someone hasn’t already filled this void. (In reality WP is not meant for this)
    I guess the issues from afar look to be there are often compatibility issues after WP upgrades.(WP seems update a lot which is fine) A lack of real security that makes you uncomfortable to sell. No where near the functionality that most Oscommerce platforms come with. Small community with with limited developer support. Serious lack of marketing tools.
    IMO you are better of to pay someone to integrate a real Oscommerce app into your wordpress site.
    You then will have unlimited possibilities (depended on cart you choose). All the problems people seem to have with WP plugins would be possible in most OS programs.
    Oscommerce, Zen Cart, prestashop, cs cart, magento.. the list goes on.
    Some are easier to use in the backend than others and there is a learning curve. However, they have massive communities, advancing with the latest technology and when you ask questions you get answered and pretty quickly.(Oh and usually the answer is yes you can do that.. rather than no, no, no)

    I have seen some of these working with WordPress.

    If your selling a handfull of items and sell only a few a month.. WP is ok for that. If your business grows sooner or later you will have to move to a real shop. If your ambitious take the plunge.

    Thats my 2 cents worth.

  • Comment by Catrinia Molitor
    Catrinia Molitor

    I am trying to get a shopping cart and catalog installed with my site, hopefully one that will work with my WP theme Colorway Pro. I have tried Gold Cart and was not able to get the shipping feature to work. I love the Drop & Shop feature, but unfortunately nothing drags and drops. I didn’t spend any time on that issue though because I had much bigger problems. I kept receiving erros that displayed including my UPS login and password! Yikes! I like problem-solving, but I can’t run a business when I am unable to find support. I saw in forums that others have been having the same problem since February and still no resolution or even an acknowledgement of the bug. I wish I could have gotten Gold Cart to work but now I’ve moved on to 3dCart.

    3dCart — I read it has a WP plugin which I thought meant it would integrate with my WP theme. Umm, no. 3dCart offers a free trial, but not for the plugin. I paid for a recurring subscription, tried to use it, and then discovered it doesn’t meet my needs. Period. I also found 3dcart’s support to be difficult because there is an echo on the phone with every technician I have spoken to. <—dangling participle, ain't it cute? Back to the beginning for me.

    I need a cart that offers flexibility to work with my theme and also offers real support. I don't mind paying a subscription but I'd rather not. Any advice?

  • Comment by Michael

    All you people looking for a catalog solution with the ability to search and what not and no purchasing can easily be done with only one of these! and thats WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin… I have done it!

  • Comment by Prateek

    thank you so much!……WordPress eCommerce Plugin what is wanted :)

  • Comment by Tom

    Hey guys,
    Ive just spent the past 6 weeks researching and trialling different plugins for commerce on WordPress.

    Firstly I must say that there are a heap out there, and most aren’t worth wasting your time.

    I ended up shortlisting to two of them:
    – Cart66
    – Woocommerce
    After installing both of them and playing with them for a while, I went for Woocommerce.
    In short, its brilliant! and miles ahead of anything else out there. A=and the best part, its Free. (with extensions that you can buy to enhance it of course).
    But out of the box its a brilliantly designed cart, designed for conversions, and tracking, not buggy like the rest of them.
    I can’t recommend it enough.
    You can see it in action on my website listed in this post.

  • Comment by Dan

    I couldn’t get wp ecommerce to work with pay pal and downloadable digital products after several days of trying. Several other people had the problem as well.

  • Comment by Igor

    Nice. Thanks for listing these out. Any thoughts on what’s the best plugin that integrates with PayPal?

  • Comment by Biju Subhash
    Biju Subhash

    thank for sharing..
    actually I was searching for this..
    thank you again..

  • Comment by Mike

    As a follow-up, I had a great conversation with Authorize.Net, which offers a great CIM (and ARB) product to do everything we need, or so it appears. The trouble is, as far as I can tell, none of the WP shopping cart plugins worth a damn, like Cart66 or Shopp seem to support it. Who does support it or is there another WP shopping cart solution that works great for recurring payments, subscriptions, etc?

  • Comment by Mike


    We are building an e-commerce pet food site and we are in shopping cart hell right now; my God man . . . help.

    We are looking for a WP shopping cart plug-in that provides online purchasers the option of conveniently establishing an automatic pet food delivery and automatic billing schedule, for instance every 30, 45, 60 days, etc, depending upon the schedule the purchaser establishes with us online. And we know that whatever schedule they establish, they will likely want to change it online at some point.

    We also want purchasers to have the ability to create an account and save their contact info and purchasing preferences for easy reordering when they return to the site.

    Can someone please prevent us from running with scissors here? We have been told that we need to use some membership or subscription program like Spreedly, which seems like overkill and something else to break down. Authorize.Net offers a slick CIM solution that might work nicely with Cart66. Can anyone recommend a solution that works? Many thanks.


  • Comment by Shaay

    I think I would use WP Ecommerce if it were a little bit less buggy. My biggest problem with it was getting it to show most recent products first. Also, the “Checkout” button was cut off, but I think I could have fixed that.

  • Comment by Tony Malibu
    Tony Malibu

    I bought ShopperPress and was disappointed with their customer service. Some chum named Ian is the only person on live chat and is never any help. Their site went down at least four or five times during my short membership. And Mark Fail the software’s creator is a real (explitive)! Still have all my emails from him. I think Mark Fail and Ian are the same people I really do. Yes their themes are very sleek looking but I definitely do not recommend buying this product. Save your money!

  • Comment by Red

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking for a product catalog solution. The site I am building needs to display a range of products from a store, but it is just for viewing and info. Customers cannot actually buy anything.

    I was hoping someone here might have a recommendation of a suitable plugin I could use for my pages? A gallery of some kind would be nice with a short description and then maybe full page for the actual product. I guess pretty much like a e-comm solution without the cart etc.

    Thanks – Red

  • Comment by Lox

    I wonder which of those plugins are using custom post types ? Which can be localized ?

  • Comment by Thomas

    Wp e-commerce is ok, albeit quite complicated to use. Personally, I prefer ShopperPress. It’s certainly the best in its price range. I can use it as an affiliate store. An online shop, or even use it as a download store to sell music. It definitely gets my vote. Cheers.

  • Comment by Andy Turner
    Andy Turner

    None of the ones I have tried so far support Australian shipping rates based on weight and dimensions.
    I have used virtuemart with Joomla and they allow you to customize your own shipping rates based on these variables
    I emailed tribulant about their australian shipping module – waiting to hear back on that one.
    I agree, Shopp looks crap, and they don’t have a free demo you can try.
    Cart66 don’t seem to like Australians, I emailed support and they only want to support the USA and Canada

  • Comment by Hanifa Rahman
    Hanifa Rahman

    I think WordPresss eCommerce is getting better day by day and its Premium
    upgrades are great.
    WordPress eStore
    is also a Great Choice if you want to go for Premium. Yak
    and eShop is one of my best Choice for Totally free WordPress Shopping Cart
    Plugins. And I think you Should add a review about DukaPress too. They are
    getting better day by day.

  • Comment by S S
    S S

    I HATE Shopp and Love Cart66, you can read more here if you like.

  • Comment by Andy Donovan
    Andy Donovan

    New kid on the block, checkout:

    Free version available in a few weeks, built on WP3.0 framework, custom post types, attribute filtering, reviews, up sells, cross sells, one page checkout, it’s going to be great, we’re very excited!

  • Comment by Jim

    Id like to vote for the wost plugin : Shopp

    It lacks functionaloty, support is practically non existent, incomplete documentation, customer forum has literraly no participation.

    If you get a problem, then Hell you’re on your own.
    In short a pile of tosh!!.

  • Comment by garfield

    Saw this post and thought i would throw my hat into the ring so to speak. My team are about a week away from creating the “holy grail” of wordpress ecommerce a fully functional and secure osCommerce plug in for WP.

    Yes it is a monster task, but thankfully i have a genius running the team and we are 80% with no issues to date.

    We are also looking for beta can sign up at


  • Comment by Zach

    Just wanted to point out there is yet another catalog / online store management tool called CataBlog. It does not create a shopping cart like some of the other plugins mentioned here, but it does integrate easily with any third party shopping cart solution. Check it out.

  • Comment by marc-andre

    I need “the best” plugin to handle one product with 5-6 variations that will change the price… wich one is THE best

    it’s for food, so an item can be in different size, and NO it’s not like shirt… different size is different price!

  • Comment by Rob

    Cheers for this, I’m sure this plugin will come in handy for a future web project that come my way… :-)

  • Comment by Vic Desotelle
    Vic Desotelle

    Hey you wizards out there:

    Which WordPress ecommerce plugin can handle BOTH single product purchases (one time buys with no repeated credit card access) AND AT SAME TIME handle the buying of monthly subscription purchases (ongoing monthly purchases with repeated credit card access) … Any suggestions?

  • Comment by Kristian H
    Kristian H

    I am very happy about ShopperPress. Shopp on the other hand is a disaster. It is buggy and a waste of time and money

  • Comment by wpStoreCart

    Another high end, open source WordPress e-commerce plugin is wpStoreCart:

  • Comment by feilong

    you can use custom field instead ,even you can just take post excerpt as you custom field, and display values of your links in your theme.That is so easy!

  • Comment by james

    ShopperPress is amazing thank you, i purchased it and the theme is great! Recommended!!

  • Comment by Maria Chowdhury
    Maria Chowdhury

    I am looking for a wordpress plugin that can create a catalog page. I dont really want extensive features like shopping cart because my products have their own website. I want a plugin (or script) that will allow me to create a page with a gallery type image of each one of my product with a shot description and a link to the product website (which is an external site, not a page or post of the current wp installation). Can any of the above plugins do it? If not, do you have any suggestion how I can achieve that? I will appreciate it very much. Thanks.

  • Comment by bryce

    Although I have not tried all of the above, I am a fan of the FREE “eshop” plugin. Multiple payment processors, digital downloads, no mucking around with shortcodes, etc.

    Just my opinion :o)

  • Comment by Antonie Potgieter
    Antonie Potgieter


    I’m not sure if I understand your question about the custom post types 100% but what I can tell you is that the shop categories, products, suppliers, etc… integrate very well with WordPress by creating pages for you as it goes along.

    You can turn on/off the creation of posts/pages for the shop and also specify whether they should be posts/pages. Additionally, you can set a parent and several other settings to control the way it behaves.

    Overall, you will find that it integrates well with WordPress and doesn’t separate/break away from WordPress like some custom shop plugins do.

    See the WordPress shopping cart plugin here:

    All the best,

  • Comment by Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen

    Cool. I think it would be nice for the plugins to use the custom post types even though it’s not a necessity.

  • Comment by Lee Blue
    Lee Blue

    PHPurchase works by letting you place a variety of different shortcodes on any page or post on your WordPress website. So it doesn’t directly make use of the new custom post types but you can certainly use custom post types as product pages. The beauty of PHPurchase is that it works WITH WordPress rather than trying to overtake WordPress. Let me know if you need any help getting set up. Stop by our website and chat with us via our Live Chat.

  • Comment by Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen

    I’m wondering if any of these tap into the new (from WP2.9) custom post types to solve the shop issue, or they just create new tables etc.

    Any thoughts on this?