Sharaholic WordPress Plugin Gets Impressive Update

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The Shareaholic plugin for WordPress (best know for it’s Sexy Bookmarks) recently launched an impressive update. This update added three new powerful social sharing tools and improved the existing tools/features that have already made Shareaholic a WordPress favorite.


So What’s New?

You’ll notice right away when clicking on the Shareaholic Plugin tab in your admin that there’s been a few additions. So lets go ahead and dive into each of them individually.


1. Topbar



First we have Topbar. This tool provides a prominent yet unobtrusive extra call to action for readers to share your content. As you scroll down a given page (whether that be the blog homepage or an individual post) the Top Bar slides down and prompts the reader to share on Facebook, twitter, and Google plus.


2. Classic Bookmarks


Next up is the sleek addition of Classic Bookmarks. These crisply designed icons, when enabled, park themselves at the bottom of your posts – just waiting to be used. As you can see below, there is the option to go big or small with these depending on personal taste and what works best for your site design.


3. Recommendations


And then we have Recommendations. I think this feature will prove to be extremely popular as more and more people use the new and improved Shareaholic plugin. As the name suggests this new tool provides helpful recommendations to readers of other articles or posts they might like to read – on your site of course. Now, it should be noted that if you’re new to shareaholic and/or if you have a lot of content on your site that implementing this feature may take up to several hours. You won’t have to do anything during that time, but that’s how long it will take the tool to crawl your site and analyze which posts should be recommended and where.


What’s Improved?

1. Shareaholic Analytics


This isn’t the only update the Shareaholic Analytics dashboard has received recently. But as you can see in these images the Shareaholic team continues to refine and improve this oh-so-important part of the data-geek/blogger’s process.

June 8th Update:


June 18th Update:


All of this attention is geared at one thing: attractive and informative reporting on the metrics that mean everything to you and your blog. These reports show social sharing trends, referrals, referral channels, and which individual pages are most popular on your website. Pretty sweet!

2. Sexy Bookmarks


Sexybookmarks remains the rock solid tool it always has been. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten just a little bit better. With the addition of Pinterest, Google Plus, and Shareaholic Email This – those sexy little bookmarks are more powerful than ever. Other updates include: full support for the Facebook Like Button, Facebook Send, Share counters for Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/etc. Shareaholic also now supports Google’s URL shortener ( and Google Analytics.





And that looks to be just about everything. What do you think? Do you use Shareaholic? Do you like it? Any updates you’d like to see in the future? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

You can get the Shareaholic WordPress Plugin here

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    Thank you for such an amazing writeup! :) Glad you like the updates. Team has been working hard.
    – Janet from Shareaholic