September 2013 WordCamps

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This month has quite a bit in store for the WordPress enthusiast, especially considering the fact that there will be a total of seven WordCamps for the remainder of this month. Five of the camps are placed throughout the continental United States while the other two will be held in Tokyo, Japan (September 14th) and Wroclaw, Poland (September 28th-29th). Best of all, there will be two back-to-back weekends in which three WordCamps will be held at different locations.

Upcoming Wordcamps September 2013

Tickets are still available for the events, although availability may be limited due to demand and space constrictions.

WordCamps – What To Expect

According to WordCamp Central Coordinator Andrea Middleton, “the content of sessions is firmly focused on using and developing for WordPress. Issues around blogging, business, and social media that are related to WordPress use may be included, but the bulk of the program (at least 80%) is specifically about WordPress. The use of the WordCamp name indicates that it is a standalone event dedicated to WordPress, and to prevent confusion, WordPress ‘tracks’ within larger events such as BarCamp or other conferences are no longer called WordCamps.

WordCamps are not meant to be big, fancy, expensive conferences. WordCamps are meant to be low-key local gatherings that are affordable — cheap, even — to allow people from all walks of life to attend, meet, share, and learn. Sponsorships and donations make this possible, keeping ticket prices low, usually below $40 for a 2-day event. It’s not uncommon to meet WordCamp speakers who are featured at expensive web industry conferences like South by Southwest. WordCamp is one of the best bargains around.”

September 2013 WordCamps

The Full 2013 WordCamp Schedule picks up on September 13th-15th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Three day passes (Friday thru Sunday) are currently being sold for as low as $35 with a special WordPress Hackathon set to take place that Friday. According to the official website, “The New Mexico community is invited to submit projects for consideration. The WordCamp Hackathon Committee will choose one dynamic organization that we believe expresses the creative, entrepreneurial, or progressive spirit of Albuquerque. These three projects will have a team of experienced WordPress experts translating their vision into a fully functional WordPress site in a 4 hour time period. Selected organizations will be starting with a fresh install of WordPress for the event. One year of hosting will be provided by Southwest Cyberport.”

That same weekend, there will be separate Camps held in Buffalo, New York and Tokyo, Japan.

That will be backed up by yet another Triple Header Weekend from September 21st-22nd. WordCamp Baltimore, WordCamp Salt Lake City, and WordCamp Los Angeles will all be on tap during that weekend. Finally, WordCamp Wroclaw, Poland is set for September 28th-29th.

Becoming A WordCamp Organizer

According to Middleton, “Local organizers are what make each WordCamp unique. Organizing a WordCamp is a volunteer labor (a lot of labor!) of love for WordPress and your local community, and earns you untold karma points on the path to WordPress nirvana. No specific skills or backgrounds are required to become an organizer, though events tend to be most successful when responsibility is shared among several co-organizers. So much goes into planning a WordCamp that we now have an entire site dedicated to planning WordCamps. Take a look at the WordCamp planning site, read through the information there (so you know what you’d be getting into), and if you’re interested in putting together a WordCamp, fill in the organizer application.”

WordCamps are a great way to get WordPress enthusiasts involved worldwide. There have been well over 200 WordCamps since the event’s inception in 2006 (San Francisco). For more information on how to get involved in WordCamps, visit WordCamp About Page.