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One of my favourite bloggers, Daniel Scocco, recently posted about a WordPress plugin that he loved. He rarely posts about WordPress plugins (he notes this himself) so I thought I’d give SEO Smart Links a test drive.

Developed by Vladimir Prelovac, SEO Smart Links is one of the most creative SEO plugins I have come across. The plugin automatically links keywords and phrases within your posts and pages to posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. It’s a fantastic way of improving the flow of traffic within your site and keeping the visitor reading your site for longer. From a page rank point of view, the plugin will help you pass PR evenly around your site.

The plugin has a huge number of features. You can set whether articles can link to themselves, add related links automatically to comments and embed links in all of your RSS feed posts. It also has a useful feature that allows you to set what keywords are ignored which helps you avoid linking to your about page in every article. You can specify certain posts and pages to be ignored from the linking process too.

SEO Smart Links

The number of links within a post can be limited too plus you can add the no follow to the generated links and set the links to open in a new page too.

SEO Smart Links is free to download. If you like the plugin you may want to consider SEO Smart Links Premium. Retailing at $79 for a 1 site license and $149 for unlimited sites, the premium version includes better navigation and has advanced features for affiliate marketing such as link cloaking.

I encourage you all to install the plugin and give it a try. It’s a fantastic way of linking your posts and pages together and pushing traffic to older relevant articles.

Kudos to Vladimir Prelovac for developing another great plugin :)

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Linka: SEO Smart Links | SEO Smart Links Premium

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  • Comment by Marco Fiori
    Marco Fiori

    Will give this a go on my sites, thanks for the headsup.