Test The Security Of Your WordPress Website With Security Ninja

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Security Ninja is a fantastic security plugin for WordPress that performs over 25 security tests on your website. Each test highlights security vulnerabilities and then walks you through how you can improve the security of your website to stop the chance of brute force attacks.

Once you have installed the plugin you simply need to run the tests. After a few seconds the plugin will show you a list of tests. For each test you get a score of either ok or bad. A description of what the test is and the results for your own site are shown.

More green ‘OK’ icons means that your site is secure. The idea is to obviously pass all tests and make your website as secure as it can be.

Security Ninja WordPress Plugin

For each test there is a link to a details area. In this section the plugin gives you tips and walks you through how you can pass the test. It even shows you the code you need to add to your website in order to make the change.

Security Ninja WordPress Plugin

A license for Security Ninja retails for only $8 from CodeCanyon. It’s a cheap, quick and effective way of giving the security of your website a review. Recommended.


Link: Security Ninja

* Thanks to Web Factory Ltd for providing a test copy of this plugin for the purpose of this review.

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    No. It’s only available from CodeCanyon. It’s a premium plugin, not a free one :)

  • Comment by Faiz Muhammad
    Faiz Muhammad

    IS this plugin available in the wordpress directory