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Restaurants, bars and cafes are quickly learning that taking their business online can be profitable while at the same time serving to “spread the word” to potential diners. Brick & mortar establishments are also able to generate a tidy sum through take-out and delivery services, which can go a long way toward keeping an eatery afloat when on-site traffic is down.

These facts are not lost on WPZoom, a premium theme company which has dedicated a large percentage of its to-date 2013 efforts on “catering” to the food industry. The firm’s latest release – dubbed “Seasons” – provides website owners with an enormous amount of functionality and presents customers with a positive front-end view of any business that aims to garner patrons that are browsing the Internet.

Seasons WordPress Theme

Seasons Theme Slider

High resolution photographic material is of utmost importance for any restaurant looking to market itself virtually. Customers are often convinced by attractive images of chef specials, dining arrangements, etc. With Seasons, a featured content slider is displayed immediately below the navigation bar and can be configured to scroll your entries automatically while visitors browse.

Categorized posts can be easily organized via the Content Management System; with drop down menus utilized for sub-categories. Each post within the content slider includes a dedicated circular slot for its title and description, while the front-end user can click anywhere on the photograph to go directly to the listing (and find out more info in the process).

Responsive Design

WPZoom has coded the new Seasons theme to include a fully responsive design. Mobile device and tablet computer users will be able to navigate your restaurant site with ease thanks to this feature. Best of all, the thumb-scrolling and pinching will be kept to a minimum; giving customers who are on-the-go a comfortable means of booking a reservation or viewing your content.

Seasons Responsive Design

The responsive layout can be a deal-maker in today’s premium WordPress theme market due to the fact that so many small-screen users have grown accustomed to customized views that are specifically designed to make website navigation a simple process for those who frequent the Internet via their iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc.

Custom Page Templates

Seasons has a number of custom page templates that facilitate the publication of additional content such as photo galleries and blogs. The Blog Feed can be used for posting relevant industry news or local entries that break down your restaurant’s business. Staff stories, mainstream articles and more can be placed within your News category to give viewers additional data while they are thinking about their next visit to your establishment.

Seasons Blog Template

Of course, no restaurant would be in business without its menu, and Seasons has a menu template for inserting your menu items; complete with thumbnails, dish descriptions and prices. Posting your brick & mortar building’s business hours can easily be achieved, plus you can also dedicate a separate page to take-out and delivery if need be.

Back-End Controls

When using the premium themes offered by WPZoom, you won’t have to worry about going in and manipulating code via the Editor. Controls are easily laid out and can be toggled with simple mouse clicks or mobile device taps. This makes posting and organizing your website’s content an enjoyable task and also frees up more time for focusing on your business goals instead of programming tasks.

Seasons is compatible with the Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers, and will also work with the latest version of WordPress (3.5 “Elvin”).

If you are interested in learning more about the Seasons premium WordPress them by WPZoom, you can visit the following pages.

Seasons Info Page
Seasons Live Demo

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    Jayson Tan

    Hi, I just bought the season theme. This is great website however that’s a error on my page, maybe should say that’s a difference on my page which is the way to display the product.

    By preview the demo web ( the way the product displaying are very nice and it’s pop-up, can press NEXT or PREVIOUS.

    However that’s totally different on my page ( On my page, once click the product it will jump to a new page and can’t press Next or Previous.

    I’m feeling sad about it. Is that any solution to solve this problem ? Thank you.