Search & Replace WordPress Plugin

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Search & Replace is a useful plugin for finding and replacing strings in your WordPress database. The changes are obviously permanent so it’s important to backup your database before replacing anything.

You can replace strings in your content, titles, excerpts, meta data, comment information, tags, categories, user IDs and more. The plugin shows the field that is being modified and the table that the field is in.

There are a number of reasons you would need to use Search & Replace. For example, if one of your regular commenters changed their website URL and asked for their previous comments to be changed you would simply need to do a search for their website address in ‘Comments author URL’ and then replace it with their new URL. Likewise, you could use the plugin to replace anything in your post content.

Search & Replace WordPress Plugin

If you need to change a lot of information in your database but are scared by the thought of running MySQL commands through PHPMyAdmin, you should give Search & Replace a try. It’s simple to use and a very efficient of modifying content. Just remember to make sure you back your site up before you make any changes just in case something goes wrong :)