Take the Limitations Off Your Blog’s Search Form with Search Everything

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The Search Everything WordPress plugin boosts the search feature on your blog and adds additional features and search capabilities that are helpful to your readers. It simple to use and so quick to customize that you can have it up in running in less than 5 minutes.

After installation, look for the “Search Everything” sub-menu under the Settings menu. There are two sections here to customize and we’ll take a quick look at them below.

Basic Configuration

Under the Basic Configuration section, you’ll see 13 options here and for all except one you can either choose yes (to enable the feature) or leave it blank (to keep the feature disabled).

Search Everything WordPress plugin basic configuration.

Each feature here is pretty self-explanatory. You can give your search box the ability to search different things like tags, custom taxonomies, category names and descriptions, comments, excerpts, drafts, attachments, custom fields, and authors.

You can also choose to highlight search terms within the results, which is definitely a useful feature because it helps your readers to find what they’re looking for a lot quicker. There is also a configuration option that lets you choose the background color of your highlights.

Advanced Configuration

Search Everything WordPress plugin advanced configuration.

There are 3 advanced features that come in handy as well. You can exclude specific posts, pages, and categories from your search by entering their IDs. You can also add custom styling to your highlights by using CSS. This gives the ability to change other things besides just the background color. You can really make search terms stand out by changing the font color, weight, size, etc.

Test Search Form

Search Everything WordPress plugin test search form.

If at any time you want to test out your search box, you can run a live search test from within the plugin options. Once you click on “Run Test Search” your results will open in the same tab, so be sure to save anything you’ve changed first, so that you don’t lose your changes.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I had issues getting the highlighting feature to work. Every time I’d enter a color in the “Highlight Background Color” box, I’d save it and then see the word “No” there instead. I even tried to use CSS in the “Full Highlight Style” box and it replaced it with “No” upon saving as well.

Just for kicks, I used what was given in the example (below each box) and that didn’t work either. Until I get this working, I’ve disabled the plugin because that’s really the feature I want most. Besides this little hiccup though, the plugin works fine for me.

Link: Search Everything

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  • Comment by Jules

    I’ve just started using the Search Everywhere plugin on my site.  I reported an issue regarding the Highlight Background Colour option changing to No, and as a result a fix has been implemented by the developers.
    The fixed options.php file can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/ninnypants/search-everything-wordpress-plugin and I understand it will make its way into the official plugin download in due course.