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Thursday afternoon, designer and web developer Caroline Moore announced the latest addition to the themes collection – Runo Lite by La&La. The theme is minimalistic in style and is designed to be used mainly for website owners who do a significant amount of writing. According to Moore’s blog post, “Runo Lite is the perfect theme for writers, poets, or anyone who wants a minimalist canvas for their content. Offering multiple sidebar configurations, custom headers, backgrounds, and menus, Runo Lite is a flexible and elegant solution for your writing needs.”

Theme Flexibility

The ability of Runo Lite to adapt to the needs of each webmaster is a bonus considering how many options are possible with such a noise-free download. Sidebar configuration is of utmost importance in many cases and can mean the difference between having advertisement banners in plain view or neglected altogether. Having a “left-handed” style available puts the website owner in full control of how his/her main content lines up with the multiple widgetized regions.

“With Runo Lite, you have the option of displaying your main sidebar to the right or left of your content, or simplify and remove the main sidebar entirely. To enable the sidebar, add some widgets under Appearance -> Widgets, then go to Customizer -> Theme Options to change the placement,” according to the Theme Showcase page.

Runo Lite Featured Post

The Featured entry section is located just below the navigation region, and will display an excerpt of your posts, including title, category, author name, publication date, tag, and excerpt.

Taking a look at the logo and top navigation area, we see that La&la chose to use the paragraph symbol as its default logo, followed by a text title, and brief description. There are drop down menus for “child pages” or sub-categories; making it easy for your front-end users to access whatever content they wish without going through any hoops.

Runo Lite Logo Top Navigation

Multimedia Content

Runo Lite Video Post

If you scroll down the Runo Lite Demo homepage, you will notice a video post mixed in with the rest of the content.

The ability to embed video content from YouTube and other sites is key for those who wish to post videos to their blog. You can also use Runo Lite to post quotes, images, galleries and more. Readers can choose to view the multimedia content directly from the homepage by clicking the PLAY button, or they can click on the title itself to go through to the full post.

HTML Elements

Runo Lite HTML Elements

There are almost a limitless amount of HTML Elements included in this theme: headings, corrected text, tables, lists, pre-formatted text, code block quotes, formulas, etc. WordPress has come a long way over the years; allowing webmasters across the globe to present just about any custom text configuration that can be imagined within a post.

I particularly enjoy these options as they can often give an author who enjoys his/her work an extra method of bringing content to life in a way that readers can appreciate.

Social Media And Footer

You will find plenty of room to increase your social media sharing statistics when using the Runo Lite theme. Improve your YouTube subscribers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and more through icons that will give visitors an option to show their approval with one click of a mouse or mobile device button.

The footer region for Runo Lite has more widget placement and configuration slots, with archives, admin and navigation used in the official demo.

All in all, Runo Lite is an extremely clean WordPress theme that can be downloaded immediately and put into use within moments. Theme specs are as follows: 640 pixels for the main column width, 231 pixels for the sidebar width and a varying footer width.

Link: Runo Lite Free

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  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Yes the theme is free. I added the link where you can download it at the bottom of the post.

  • Comment by nurdin nurung
    nurdin nurung

    Where is I can download this themes? this free right?