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The Official Plugin created by Particle is a great plug-in allowing you to personalize your WordPress page with a 4-second video avatar.

First, sign up and get a free account. is a social service that lets you record video updates and share it with whoever you like. Then activate the plug-in in your WordPress install. It is really easy to record a video update and add it to your WordPress post or page using the shortcode []. You can also add it to your sidebar as a profile avatar that automatically stays fresh as you record video updates.

This plug-in lets you replace your traditional profile picture with an animated avatar, letting you express yourself in creative ways each time using various props or any of the effects that come with At the beginning I wasn’t too comfortable with recording my face but with only 4-seconds you can’t ever make a bad one. Everyone looks good in tiny videos!

Overall, The Official Plugin is a very unique and enriching plug-in to your site. This plug-in is totally free and only requires that you have WordPress version 2.0.2 or higher.

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