Reverie – A Versatile HTML5 WordPress Framework

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Reverie is a versatile HTML5 theme framework for WordPress from theme developers from ThemeFortress that is based on the ZURB Foundation.

Reverie is not like some other frameworks that are packed full of user friendly features. That is to say, there is no options page for non-technical WordPress users to change things around easily. Consider Reverie as a blank canvas for creating your own unique theme. It’s very well coded and is optimised for search engines too.

The default design is minimal yet has everything you need with a menu area at the top and bottom of the page and widget areas in the sidebar and footer. It includes an archives template, full width template and a custom page template that you can use as a base for creating your own page templates.

Reverie WordPress Framework

The framework was designed to work with the new bbPress 2.0 WordPress plugin. bbPress integration is still actually pretty rare. I had predicted months ago that most designers would be making their themes bbPress friendly but it doesn’t seemed to have happened yet; therefore I’m sure this framework will prove popular with those who are looking for a good theme that works with bbPress out of the box.

Unfortunately, there is no support for post formats however the framework is optimised for use on mobile devices.

Reverie Mobile Use

Reverie is a good framework for those who are looking for a blank canvas to create a unique design for their website. Even beginners should be able to change colours, fonts and layouts as the code is well documented. Those of you who are looking for a user friendly drag and drop framework though should look elsewhere.


Link: Reverie Theme Framework

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  • Comment by graham

    A very good framework, highly adaptable for those with some experience and the SASS integration is very very good.

  • Comment by Em En
    Em En

    offtopic question – have You ever seen any plugin, which may work as a download seeker even without assigning all download links through this plugin? I’ve got a WP page with about 1000 download files and I do not track downloads at all. I’d love to start doing it, but assigning 1k download links through the plugin is too time consuming… Thanks in advance for reply! :)

  • Comment by felix

    I downloaded it as soon as I saw this post here. I was working with ZURB for a while as well and I was curious what solutions TF came up with. Great work, great Framework.

  • Comment by Robbie

    Blankfolio is a similar framework recently launched by wpTerminal.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    No problem Zhen :)

  • Comment by Zhen

    Thanks Kevin for this awesome review for Reverie Framework. Hope to see more people trying out the framework :)