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Reporteur is an interesting Google Analytics plugin from Stild. Whereas most Google Analytics plugins let you check your Analytics stats for the site the plugin was installed in, Reporteur allows you to check the stats for every single website you are tracking via the Google Analytics service.

The first thing you need to do is enter your Google Analytics sign in email address and password.

Reporteur Google Analytics Settings

After doing so you can select which profile you want to load stats for.

Reporteur Google Analytics Settings

Like all Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, Reporteur is not a direct replacement for Google Analytics itself. It’s simply a way for you to check the most important stats quickly (i.e. a general overview). It allows you to check stats for today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month and last month with the number of page views and unique visits being shown at the top of each of these timescales for easy reference. Shown underneath are top pages, top countries, top search keywords and top referrers.

Reporteur Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Reporteur only displays the essential stats in your WordPress dashboard area. It unfortunately doesn’t add a widget to your dashboard so you will need to click on the Reporteur menu link to view your stats. Without doubt its best feature is the ability to check statistics from any website you are tracking via Google Analytics.

It remembers which website you were viewing the last time you logged in. You don’t have to log in every time you view your stats though if you have been viewing stats for one of your other websites you need to make sure you click on the change profile link so that you switch back.

Overall it’s a useful plugin. I recommend trying it out if you want to quickly check page views and visits from your WordPress admin area for your main site, particularly if you like the idea of occasionally checking stats for your other websites too.


Reporteur: Information | Download

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    This look cool! Should save my time too.