A Simple WordPress Plugin To Integrate Registration And Login Forms Into Your Design

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Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugins is a useful form plugin from WP Mods author Pippin Williamson. The plugin lets you insert a registration form, login form and change password form into any area of your site.

The forms can be added as a widget into your sidebar, footer or any other widget ready area of your website. It can also be inserted into posts and pages using short codes. The plugin does not however change your existing registration and login pages (i.e. wp-register.php and wp-login.php). It was designed to integrate the registration and login form into your existing website design rather than sending them away the default pages.

The plugin has a few settings. You can disable CSS and the icons on the login form. You can also choose what page the user is redirected to after logging in and choose from 5 colour schemes: light, dark, blue, red and green.

Front End Registration Settings

The great thing about the forms is that they are only shown if the person isn’t logged in. For example, if you place all three widgets on your sidebar, the registration and login forms will show when on the sidebar but when the user logins in these will be replaced by the change password form.

Front End Registration Forms

The plugin is free to all premium members of Pippins Plugins. You can get a membership for only $2 for a day or $6 for a month, making this a very affordable solution.

It’s a simple plugin but it works great. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for a stylish way of integrating a registration and login form into your website design.


Link: Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugins