Reduce Comment Spam With Antispam Bee

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Antispam Bee is an feature rich free WordPress plugin that reduces comment spam on your website.

It has a lot of great options that let you restrict comments that are posted. You can block comments from certain countries using the IPInfoDB service and search for known spammers using Project Honey Pot. You can also only allow comments in German or English.

You can also receive email notifications about new spam comments and a spam counter can be placed on your dashboard too in order to quickly check the number of incoming spam comments.

Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin

The more popular your website becomes, the more you will have to deal with comment spam. There isn’t a plugin that stops spam comments 100% but Antispam Bee is another tool in your fight against spammers. I recommend checking it out if you receive a lot of spam comments.


Link: Antispam Bee