Readers Have Mixed Views On Best Color Scheme

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Last week, we asked our readers to give us their opinion on what the best overall color scheme is for WordPress websites. Although we could have included a slew of options, Blue-Yellow-Red combinations and designs, we decided to focus our poll on just three possible outcomes in order to simplify the process. Those choices were Black/White/Gray, Earth Tones, and Flashy Colors.

So far, nearly one half of the votes cast have gone to flashy colors, but another 36% of our readers feel that earth tones are the way to go while 18% believe the most effective color scheme is black/white/gray.

Flashy Colors Obtain Most Votes

Black And Orange WordPress Theme

Perhaps the reason why the flashy colors received the eventual nod in Monday’s poll is because of the sheer number of results available when considering a new or updated WordPress website color design. The truth is that bright palettes can go a long way toward attracting a viewer’s attention regardless of the general industry your site is dedicated to. Online sales pitches are still more successful when a reader’s attention is captured, and sometimes the easiest way to accomplish that is to use a well-designed scheme that involves a lot of eye-catching shades within the RYB color model.

Red Yellow Blue

If you’re working on a design for a new product or software, the modern look can often involve plenty of sharp blues with refined edges along with flash-style graphics. Content sliders have begun to serve more as promotional springboards for merchandise, subscription packages and recently launched goods. Having a sharp, high-resolution palette in these circumstances can often mark the difference between making a sale and losing a potential customer.

We also discussed in last week’s article how the recent surge in premium WordPress themes for bands have transformed what many groups are able to get done virtually. Depending on the type of band in question, colors that immediately jump out at the readers can immediately attract a fan base and give online viewers something to identify with other than an artist’s actual discography.

Subdued Tones

As we brought up last Monday, few have revolutionized the concept of incorporating subdued tones into WordPress themes as Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach. In a 2012 interview, Roach said, “I’ve been interested in color my whole life. When I took my first color theory design, it changed the way I think. I focus on using color palates. Second, subtlety – you’ll see designs where certain elements are too strong. Breaking it down to be subtle is important.

Finally, pixel perfect details – paying attention to a drop shadow that’s five pixels as opposed to four pixels – it’s a huge difference. Someone will use a two-pixel drop shadow on text and it looks goofy, whereas if they scaled it down to one pixel, it would look amazing.” One of our readers who voted in the poll left a comment stating that out of the three choices listed, he would definitely have to go with earth tones.

Feather WordPress Theme

A number of “coffee” themes have popped up onto the open market since 2010 and many of them offer an attractive blend of earth tones that give off a warm, natural feel to almost any WordPress site.

No Color

Finally, the old-school black/white/gray color scheme is popular in several niches – even those away from online newspapers. It is true that text-heavy formats can benefit from a no color scheme, but there are also highly successful websites that use gray tones and implement them into a great WordPress site that deals with photography or design.

Urban Edge Design

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in last Monday’s poll.