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Noel Saw from WPVerse released a cool free WordPress theme last week entitled QuickLaunch. The design is a place holder for websites that haven’t launched yet.

Inspired by other coming soon designs such as Launch Effect, Noel has created a simple theme that is easy to use. After activating the theme your home page will show a box with your site name, tagline description and an email subscription box.

The theme allows you to build an email list directly through the site. This is a great in-built feature though I woulld have liked the option to integrate a 3rd party newsletter service such as Aweber or Mailchimp. You can export all users in CSV format so you can always import the list to your own provider later.

QuickLaunch Theme

The main box can be edited easily using the theme designer. You can set a background colour or upload an image for the background instead.

In the main content area you can add links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn). The colour of the email submit button can be changed from gray to blue, green or red. You can also adjust the padding of the main content area and upload an image that appears just underneath your site title and tagline.

Whilst logged into the theme designer you simply need to click on the main content area in order to change the text. It works great though it only accepts text. Any HTML code you enter here will simply display the code on your home page. Hopefully future versions of the theme will accept HTML in the main theme area as it would allow you to post images, icons, videos and more into your content.

QuickLaunch Theme Designer

In less than a minute I was able to create a simple place holder with a short description, social media profiles and cool background image.

QuickLaunch Example Site

If you are looking for a feature rich coming soon theme that lets you control every aspect of your site, QuickLaunch isn’t for you. As its name suggests, it was designed specifically for people who want to add a place holder on their home page in just a few minutes. If that’s what you are looking for, I recommend checking QuickLaunch out as it’s simple user-friendly interface will help you create a temporary holding page in minutes.


QuickLaunch: Info & Download | Demo

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  • Comment by PeruAndArts

    Dear Kevin, thank you for share it, sure it is very useful theme and also saves a lot of time.

  • Comment by Dustin

    cool looking theme. Thanks for the review.

  • Comment by Anthony

    Kevin, thanks for this review. This theme is nicely done and saves a lot of time. I will most certainly use it from now on.