Quick Tip: Disable WordPress 3.X Admin Taskbar

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WordPress 3.1 introduced a new admin taskbar that appears at the very top of every page of a WP blog when logged in. The bar provides quick links to important WordPress features and admin controls.

Personally we love the new taskbar, but some minimalist users may not. Luckily there is a way to disable the taskbar completely.

Disable The Admin Taskbar

Disable Admin BarTo disable the admin taskbar that appears at the very top of the screen log in to any WordPress blog with an admin account.

Navigate to “User > Your Profile” (your profile will be the same account you use to login to the blog).

You will now be presented with the “Personal Options” menu. At the top of the list (below color scheme and keyboard shortcuts) is an option labeled “Show Admin Bar”.

To disable the bar uncheck the box labeled “when viewing site”. This will disable the bar while using the regular WordPress blog site.

If you wish to enable the bar again at a later time just make sure the box is checked. Users can also setup the panel to display when logged in to the admin dashboard, to do so just check the box labeled “in dashboard”.

Plugins To Remove The Bar

There are plugins that exist to remove the admin bar completely, but personally we do not recommend using them. The less amount of plugins installed to any blog, the better.

Not to mention there’s no need to remove the admin taskbar completely when WordPress natively gives an option to disable it.

But if you must, here are a couple plugins that disable or remove the admin bar completely.

Global/Hide Remove Admin Bar Plugin

Admin Bar Removal (Completely Disable) 3.1 Only

Sayonara Admin Bar

That’s it. Quite simple really. Just a quick disable in the options menu or if you decided to use a plugin- a quick install.

Either way that pesky admin taskbar won’t be bothering you anymore. Personally, we’re going to keep letting it take care of our needs, because quick access to any admin controls is a plus in our book.