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Q&A Lite is a lighter version of the popular WPMU Dev plugin Q & A. The plugin allows you to easily add a question and answers section to your website just like sites like Yahoo Answers.

After installing the plugin you will see a ‘Questions’ tab added to your WordPress admin area. The only section initially available is settings. In the settings area you need to determine who view questions and answers, edit questions questions and answers and delete other users submissions. By default all roles are set with no permissions, therefore you need to go through every role and set what they can do. I found this very strange, at the very least you would expect admins to be have full control over everything. As it stands, you need to give yourself permission to use the plugin.

Questions And Answers WordPress Plugin

After setting the permissions correctly you are supposed to be able to see your site at www.yoursite.com/questions/ and the page where users can ask a question at www.yoursite.com/questions/ask. Unfortunately, this does not seem to happen on its own. Via the support forums I established that you need to go to your permalinks page (at http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/options-permalink.php) and re-save your permalink settings. This ensures that the plugin works correctly (bear this in mind as there is no information about this currently on the installation guide).

Once you have set the permissions and re-saved your permalink structure, you will set new links in your admin area to see all questions, add a question, add question tags and view all answers. I added a few questions to see how the plugin worked in practice and I must admit, I was fairly impressed. The default look is quite basic though this can be edited easily through your stylesheet.

Questions And Answers WordPress Plugin

Questions can be voted up and down and to avoid gaming, those who pose the question can vote on it themselves. The premium version of the plugin also has categories and allows anonymous users to post questions and answers but I believe that the lite version should be more than enough for most people.

If you are looking to add a questions and answers section to your website, I recommend checking Q & A out. You may also want to consider WP-Answers premium plugin (reviewed in September 2010) and the Sofa QandA premium theme (reviewed in April 2011).

Link: Q & A Lite WordPress Plugin

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  • Comment by Web Designing Company in Chennai
    Web Designing Company in Chennai

    Hi there..
    I need Question and answer plugin with login register for wordpress….

  • Comment by Ziaur_Rahman

    Hi, nice is there any other plugin available which have low cost and can customised ourself.

  • Comment by Onuora

    Me too! It sucks..

  • Comment by Rakesh

    Nice Article……….. i was searching for this one……….

  • Comment by John

    Too bad it doesn’t work with any normal themes. I’ve tried this with about 15 different themes and NONE… I mean NONE… of them show up correctly.

    If only they could just make it into shortcodes that could be inserted into existing pages, all would be right with the world.

  • Comment by richy canello
    richy canello

    *unresolved :$

  • Comment by richy canello
    richy canello

    Hi Kevin! Finally I found you… :)

    My problem was the permanlink, I think… After doing what you say, the Q&A Lite plugin started to work.

    However, I have two items unsoved yet, could you help me?

    Look please:
    item01. I’ve made some answers as admin and as registered user, and they don’t appear.
    item02. I think I have some troubles with the search form and question and answer forms, because they don’t fit on my theme’s body?

    thank you very much in advance,

    Richy, Argentna – Santa Fe

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    It could be something to do with the theme you are using. I’m not sure. I tested this plugin 5 months ago and it seemed to work well though I don’t have that much experience with it.