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The Putte WordPress Theme is a nice, clean 2-column theme built for WordPress 3.3 and up. It has a light background throughout, except for the navigation bar and widget-enabled footer area. It also supports the WordPress custom header, which means that you can easily add your own custom header image to be shown at the top of your blog. WordPress custom menus are also supported, so that you can customize the header navigation bar to only include the links you need.

There are no ads or encrypted links in this theme. You don’t even have to keep the credit link if you don’t want to, but of course it’s greatly appreciated by the creator if you do decide to keep the link. The theme is customizable and even includes three custom widgets for Twitter, Facebook, and 125×125 sidebar ads.

The Putte WordPress Theme is really all you could ask for in a basic, clean theme. Best of all, it includes its own theme options, which we’ll take a look at in more detail below.

Theme Options

You’ll find Putte’s options under Appearance –> gazpo Theme Options. There is not much to customize here, but you can change a few things on the homepage. For instance, you can add URLs for your logo, favicon, and RSS Feed.

Putte WordPress Theme Options For Homepage

Homepage Slider

There is also a homepage slider that you can enable/disable here. You’ll need to choose which category you would like to use for the slider. So you can create a category called “featured” or “slider” so that it’s easy to recognize which posts will be displayed here.

Putte WordPress Theme Homepage Slider

The slider is a nice addition, but nothing spectacular. It doesn’t automatically slide, but there are arrows along with small thumbnails that visitors can use to navigate from one post to the next. Also, it doesn’t span the entire width of both columns; it only spans the left column. For some, this may suffice, but others may want to do a little tweaking to make the slider a bit more eye-catching.

Social Links

There is also an option to display social links, even though there are only two social sites supported: Twitter and Facebook. This is a nice touch because it gives your visitors the opportunity to connect with you and it’s in a very noticeable position on the page.

Social Links Integration Putte WordPress Theme

When filled in, on the homepage you’ll notice 3 icons (Facebook, Twitter, RSS) at the top right of the page. All that is missing is a Google+ icon, but you can easily get a Google+ widget if you’d like to connect with others on there as well.

Post Settings

Under post settings, you’ll have the option to enable/disable social buttons within your posts and you can also customize the “read more” text that appears on the homepage. This will only apply if you decide to only show excerpts on the homepage, as opposed to the entire post content.

Social Buttons In Posts on Putte WordPress Theme

I’m not very happy with the social buttons within posts option since it only displays buttons for Twitter and Facebook. If you want more share options, you’re better off disabling this and installing a social sharing plugin.

Miscellaneous Settings

If you use Google Analytics (or any other analytics service), there is a space here to enter your tracking code. This is very convenient because you won’t need to edit your theme at all; it’s much easier to add your tracking code here and be done with it.

Add Tracking Codes Into Putte WordPress Theme Options

If you’re wondering where this code is placed, it actually goes after the footer and almost right before the closing body and html tags. Just look at where the “This is a test” comment is the displayed above screenshot.

Putte WordPress Theme Miscellaneous Options

The last option in Putte Theme Settings is a space to enter custom CSS code. If you have your own styling that you’d like to add to your theme and don’t want to go into the editor, you can place it here – another great convenience.

The Verdict

Plain and simple, I like this theme and would definitely recommend it. Although I wouldn’t use it for a professional blog, I can see it being used for a personal blog or journal. It’s clean, very easy to customize and includes the perfect integrations.

Plus, if you ever need to dig into the code to change something, you won’t go crazy! There is just one stylesheet and it’s very neat and includes comments where necessary, as does the rest of the theme coding. Yet, there is no need to edit the stylesheet since there is a custom CSS code box within the theme options.

Altogether, it’s a very nicely done theme. It’s free to download too so you’re not risking anything by trying it out.


Putte WordPress Theme: Information | Download | Demo

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