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Whether or not someone has good grammar can become quickly apparent when reading work. But unfortunately the more time that passes between English courses, the easier it is to forget those little details and rules for writing. Luckily there is a WordPress plugin that can help improve grammar and edit writing for you! Proofread Bot is a free plugin and can be downloaded here.

Installing “Proofread Bot”

In order to install Proofread Bot, head over to the plugin directory at WordPress.org (here) and download the latest version. Next, head over to your WordPress Admin, Plugins, Add New, Upload and Install the previously downloaded zipped folder. Proofread Bot will be installed within a few seconds, but in order to start using any plugin, be sure to activate it!

Proofread Bot

Configuring “Proofread Bot”

Notice that Proofread Bot has added new page under Settings. Here users create a Username, Password and add restrictions to the Plugin. Users can choose the lowest role that can check Proofread Bot and select to include a button on posts.

Proofread Bot

When you start your next post, you’ll notice a new button on the page prompting you to get your Proofread Bot Report. When you’re done with a draft of a post, press the button to see this plugin in action.

Note: The free Proofread Bot plugin limits users to checking only 600 words per day. Upgraded versions allow more usage.

Proofread Bot

Implementing “Proofread Bot”

When you’ve prompted your report, it will underline different areas in the post that may need improvement or suggest changes.

Proofread Bot

The report evaluates writing by different categories such as style, grammar and punctuation. Each category has a checklist and proofread bot suggests areas to improve.

Proofread Bot

In Conclusion

Proofread Bot is a great automated tool for checking grammar and style of writing. It cuts down editing time and can even catch some details you might miss. Head over here to download the latest version!

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