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Following on from yesterdays collection of 5 Star Rating WordPress Plugins, today I’d like so speak about one of the best 5 star rating review themes available online. Pro Review Theme is an advanced premium theme for WordPress that was designed specifically for online review websites and magazines.

It features an extensive options area in which you can change the background of your design, the header and the default layout. It includes shortcodes so that you can style your content professionally and, as you would expect from a review theme, reviews are integrated into the design.

It’s a great way of reviewing products or services. Each post (i.e. product/service) can be given a rating between 0 and 5 stars. The stars are shown on the home page and archives and prominently on the product review too. A lot of consideration has been given to making money using the theme too. In addition to a ‘Read Full Review’ link, there is a ‘Visit Website’ link placed in the index and in the post itself so that visitors can visit the product or service through your affiliate link.

Regular blog posts can also be published in between product reviews. This is useful for posting news or information. These posts are quite basic in design as they don’t have the ratings and affiliate link integrated into the design.

Pro Review WordPress Theme

With a beautiful featured product slider on the home page, integrated affiliate options and a useful 5 star rating system built in, Pro Review is a great option for anyone who is looking to launch a product or service review website.

A single site license for Pro Review retails for only $37. A multiple site license costs $67 whereas a developer license, which comes packaged with the original photoshop PSD files, will set you back $127. All licenses include free support and priority support.


Link: Pro Review Theme

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  • Comment by Soeren

    Im a former ProReviewTheme user, and i actually fixed 9-10 bugs for them, they cut not figure out how to do them self.

    Even introduced them to Google Search’s way of adding Starts on reviews on search.

    These guys where very active ad start, but the support dropped dead over time, there payment system is flawed, i can still only download the original version i bought, even tho they promised free upgrades when i bought it.

    To be honest there is no reason to use there theme, the design is bad, it’s not responsive enough, it got alot of flaws, and the development is more or less dead.

    Right now i use a theme from Themeforest. it’s cheaper, it got a lot more functions, it’s well coded, and responsive.

    Most good themes on Themeforest got review options today, so no reason to support this developer anymore.

  • Comment by faisal

    Sorry to hear that,
    but right know Proreviewtheme is under new management, the previous owner has sold the site and now under new management, they give top notch support.
    they always quick answering all of problem I have during developing the PRT theme

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Sorry to hear that SL. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to review the quality of support provided by a theme store unless I have purchased from them before and required help.

    When was the last time it was updated?

  • Comment by SL

    All I have to say is that free support doesn’t mean shit when it’s pretty much non-existent. Still waiting for them to iron out the bugs and give us desperately needed updates. It’s really too bad because I do like the theme itself as a whole. They really need to get things together, though.