How To Quickly Add A Beautiful Pricing Table To Your Website

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Pricing Table is a great little plugin that allows you to easily insert pricing tables into your content without spending time coding with HTML and CSS.

The plugin uses a custom post type for tables. You can add as many packages as you want to your tables. By default you can set the price and detail of your package and define the button link URL and button text. Unfortunately these can’t be modified however you can add additional features if you like. For example, you can add additional fields confirming whether a package includes support or documentation. The drag and drop interface lets you move packages around as you please.

Pricing Table Settings Area

Tables can be inserted into your posts and pages by using the shortcode [ahm-pricing-table id=X template=green]. Note that as the plugin uses custom post types, the id you enter here is the id of the pricing table post i.e. your first table won’t have an id of 1 but will be 512 or 874 (depending on how many posts your site has).

Pricing Table Green

There are two templates included with the plugin: green and gray.

Pricing Table Grey

By clicking the star button for a particular package you can make it featured. This makes the package stand out from the others (you can only make one package featured).

Pricing Table Green Featured

The two included templates are quite good though I would like the addition of a green theme that doesn’t display a feature column at the left hand side as it won’t always be needed.

Also, by default the green theme doesn’t display a dollar sign in the price row but the grey theme does. This means that if you simply enter numbers in the price field. For example, consider a package that costs 50 dollars. If you enter 50 in the price field it will display 50 with the green template and $50with the grey template (i.e. the $ is displayed). If you enter $50 in the price field in the settings area, your table will display $50 with the green template and $$50 with the grey template. This problem also restricts the grey template from being used for free packages as the template will display $FREE.

These are minor complaints though as you can easily correct directly by modifying the plugin.

Pricing Table Grey Featured

Pricing Table is free to download however there is a pro version available for $10 that gives you 9 additional styles.

It’s very easy to use and allows you to add professional looking sales tables to your website in seconds. I recommend trying it out if you are trying to promote your products more effectively on your sales page using a table.

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Link: Pricing Table

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  • Comment by Tarek Alaaddin
    Tarek Alaaddin

    Great Tutorial, and a great plugin.

    I examined this plugin in thorough detail, and I created a quick tutorial to help you, utilize it to its fullest.
    Checkout my post and video training…

  • Comment by Josh Kohlbach
    Josh Kohlbach

    This is seriously cool.

    I’ve been looking for a plugin like this to jazz up my pricing pages on all the new products I’ll be launching this year.

    Thanks Kevin!