Create Your Own Fiverr Website With The Pricerr WordPress Theme

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Fiverr has been nothing short of an internet phenomenon since it launched early last year. The site allows members to buy and sell services for $5. The services range from useful (e.g. I will help you with php,html and css for 1 hour) to more fun related offers (e.g. I will wish anyone you want happy holidays for $5).

If you want to create your own Fiverr style website, you should check out the WordPress Pricerr Theme from SiteMile. Pricerr is pretty much an exact clone of the Fiverr design, not merely an imitation. It’s amazing they’ve been able to design a theme that matches Fiverr so closely using the WordPress platform.

WordPress Pricerr Theme"

The theme has been tested in WordPress 3.2.1 and comes with lots of great features. Users can post jobs easily once they have signed up. At the moment users can pay using PayPal however in the future they will be adding support for other checkout systems such as AlertPay, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and Multiple currencies are supported and the theme also includes it’s own virtual cash system that can be withdrawn later to their PayPal account (reminds me of Disney Dollars!).

Users can create bios to attach to their profiles (which are linked in their job listings). There is a private messaging system too and users get email notifications whenever someone has purchased their services. Google maps can be inserted into job listings and Google Analytics can be inserted directly into the theme too. Social media is also supported well with Facebook and Twitter integration throughout the site.

The design of Pricerr and the Fiverr are both pretty poor in my opinion. Fiverr has shown that this has not held it back from being successful so those of you who love Fiverr will be happy that SiteMile have decided to just copy the design rather than modify it in any way.

A single licence for Pricerr retails for $69.99 and gives you access to the SiteMile support forums. I don’t believe there is any other design for WordPress that lets you create your own Fiverr website so if you are looking to launch your own Fiverr-style site, I recommend checking Pricerr out.


Link: WordPress Pricerr Theme

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  • Comment by Pranjal

    It seems like a very professional system for Fiver like site and featured rich, as well.

  • Comment by Nairaoffer

    Andrei is a great guy.. and for some of you asking if there s any site made out of the pricerr theme, You can check out, Kelvin thanks for sharing this!

  • Comment by gigtobuy

    Hi, I am running pricerr clone right now and we support only Moneybookers. Check it out!

  • Comment by ShaileshTripathi

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  • Comment by Milena Nikolic
    Milena Nikolic

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  • Comment by phpbbmodinstalls

    You are correct there is no other design that is a Fiverr Clone for WordPress.

    I also have to disagree with you on the design. Andre the developer for this template. has come a long way with it. at the moment you can change the way the header looks and there is css color boxes in settings to change the templates colors. also he is adding Feature via request in the Support forum.

    phpBB Mod Installs has a Developers license for it and Once you purchase it from Sitemile phpBB Mod installs is offering $30 installs of WordPress and the Pricerr template..

  • Comment by AndreiSaioc

    there are many that use it, and i saw sites with this theme built

  • Comment by Praveen Gowda I V
    Praveen Gowda I V

    I wonder how someone can create a clone of some website and sell it